Sikh Nation Faced brutality in June 1984

Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)*


Just before the end of 15th August, 1947, the “annexed” Sikh Nation, PUNJAB to the British Empire on 29th March, 1849, the Sikhs’ Holy and Historic Homeland, was ‘robbed’ by the ‘unelected’ Brahmins-Hindus leadership which had been ‘subservient’ to the Afghans, Mughals, Sikhs, British, Portuguese, etc., up until the late morning hours of 15th August, 1947. This was the day when the Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas (the classes of the Hindus: Brahmins, Kashtriyas, traders and shudras) became independent after being subservient for more than 3500 years.

On this unfortunate day, the Sikhs “annexed’ to the British Empire were ‘robbed’ before the 15th day of August, 1947 ended. The Sikhs had been ‘robbed’ by the Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas’ ‘unelected’ leadership. This step of the Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas led by JL Nehru had been a deceitful act and the “Black Day” in the History of the Sikhs. The 15th day will be remembered as the ‘Black Day’ in the History of the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and its 7-sisters, Buddhists, Dalits and non-Hindus-Brahmins minorities as long as these NATIONS reclaim their ‘Sovereignty’ and control their own destiny. It should be remembered that alleged Indian Brahmins-Hindus demo[n]cracy is NOT a nation; rather it is a nation of Nations kept under the ‘tight Control’ of India, using the massive armed personnel, since 15th August, 1947.

It should be explained here that the ‘robbery’ of the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, took place under undemocratic process on the 15th day of August, 1947. To give ‘DEMOCRATIC process to the ‘undemocratic’ process for the ‘robbery’ of the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, the Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas’ New Delhi administration (NDA) had no choice but to keeps on making the ‘undemocratic’ processes one after another. The 15th August, 1947’s ‘robbery’ of the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, had been followed by the 10th October, 1947’s ‘State Circular’ signed by JL Nehru-VB Patel-CL Trivedi (Prime Minister, Home Minister and Governor of Punjab of 15th August, 1947) sent to the Deputy Commissioners of PUNJAB, declaring that the “Sikhs are a lawless community, menance to the law-abiding Hindus, and be dealt firmy.” The citizens had no knowledge of the acts of the Brahmins-Baniya-Hindus for the Sikhs until 10th October, 1947.

Further ‘undemocratic’ processes had been the Sikhs’ elected representatives to the Hindus parliament “REJECTED” the Indian Constitution 1950, in its drafts and final forms, in 1948, 26th November, 1949, 1950 and 6th September, 1966; Sikhs have been governed without their consent, singning/endorsing/accepting the Indian Constitution 1950;  dividing the Sikh Nation of 15th August, 1947 in 1966 by Indira Gandhi into Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, the act the Sikhs rejected; beating a young boy Inderjit Singh by the police and dumping him into a well to die; deliberately changing the PUNJAB’S language PUNJABI (script Gurmukhi into Hindi); massacre of 13 Sikhs on the ‘Khalsa Prakash Day in 1978 by the Prakash Sinh Badal’s administration and the armed personnel in his control; ban on the entry of Sikhs in the Commonwealth games in Delhi in the 1970s; Prakash Sinh Badal himself burned Article 25 of the Indian Constitution in Delhi in protest; suspension of the Civil Liberties or Introduction of Emergency throughout India is early 1970s; deliberately letting the Law and Order in Punjab by the federal and State administrations; waging an ‘undeclared’ war in the form of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, with extensive use of the elite armed personnel and foreign advisors to aid and advice the military and state personnel of the Indian state; indiscriminately killing Sikh youth of reproductive age in 1980 and 1990s; humiliation, dehumanization of female folks in PUNJAB ever since 15th August, 1947; mudding the waters of Punjab politics by the NDA; desecration of the Sikhs religious and political places in all over Punjab by the NDA and Punjab state machinary; having a ‘Tight Control’ of the Sikhs’ religious and the institution of the Sikh polity; the state appointments to the Sikhs religious and political places; killing more than 270,000 innocent Sikhs in an ‘Undeclared’ war waged on the Sikhs of Punjab, since 1st June, 1984; the gross human rights violations of the Sikhs and non-Brahmins-Hindus minorities; imposing on the Sikhs of PUNJAB a Congress Chief Minister, who scored only 6% of the electoral vote; harrassing Professor Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar, Bhai Sahib Balwant Singh Rajoana, Bhai Dilavar Singh Hawara, Bhai Parmjit Singh Bheora; the Brahmin Rat in ‘The Sikh Identity’, Hanera Sinh Badal administration keeping more than 56,000 Sikhs in Punjab and outside Punjab jails since “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984; the PUNJAB police in particular and the Brahmins-Hindus states police in general, are totally ‘devoid’ of respecting the Human Rights in the incredible and the largest democracy of the world, so to speak, etc.

Additionally, the NDA headed by Rajiv Gandhi, foreign missions and Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet colleagues participated in the world’s worst civil airliner, Air India Flight 182, Toronto-Montreal-London-Delhi/Bombay, off the western coast of Ireland in the early morning hours of 25th June, 1985. All the above acts carried out since 10th October, 1947 by the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins (like Hanera Sinh Badal) have been done “To make the Sikhs ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of the world.”

The above ‘undemocratic’ acts had been done to (i) to give democratic shape to ‘undemocratic’ processes by the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Rats, and (ii) to make the Sikh Nation of 15th August, 1947 a ‘Landless Sikh Nation, Punjab’. In summation, the Sikh Nation has nothing common with the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Rats. The latter terminology is being applied to the Sikhs in the way the term ‘Judus Rats’ had been applied in the World War II.

The 15th day of August is the ‘BLACK DAY’ in the History of the Sikhs, and the History of the Sikhs’ Holy and Historic Homeland (PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947).

It is because of these ‘undemocratic’ processes carried out by the NDA, the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins in ‘The Sikh Identity’ is not a nation, but it is a nation of nations.

* The author is an Associate Professor (Retired), Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Editor in Chief, International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435

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