Radical Modi Overlooked Diplomatic Norms

Indian Extremists Rebuked Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Visit to India
By Zaheerul Hassan
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to India spread over  for a week long in February 2018. The visit became talk of the town when Indian media and government totally ignored him in providing requisite protocol. Even the security arrangements made for Trudeau and his family were objected by Canadian High Commission based in Indian capital. Justin Trudeau, till his half way of the visit, had not even been welcome by a single parliamentarian or senior member of the host government. Indian cold attitude and behaviour towards Canadian Prime Minister during his official visit has noticed and condemned publicly, internationally and by the Canadian nation too. International diplomatic community and political circle too took it as a deliberate disgrace of an honourable state guest.
Canadian Prime Minister’s visit was aiming to extend two-way economic and cultural partnership but instead of deliberating over the set agenda, hosts rulers preferred to discuss religious sensitive issue of Sikh nationalists in Canada. Notably, New Delhi since long alleging that Canadian capital Ottawa is the hub of Sikh separatists’ activities and is also sure that radical Sikhs domiciled in Canada are plotting the secession of the state of Punjab from India to create Khalistan.
Contrary to it, Canada is a country that respects the human rights and believes in freedom of expression, as result people of diverse communities feel free in getting immigration or political asylum after saying good bye to their respective native countries. Therefore, disgracing or snubbing Trudeau in media during his visit to India, due to presence of Sikhs separatists in Candia, is unjustified and against diplomatic norms.
Probably, Indian Foreign Office on the instruction of country supreme intelligence agency “RAW” had made a deliberate attempt to disgrace respectable dignity as revenge. The sole purpose was to give Canadian PM message to stop providing shelters to those Sikhs who are advocating for independent Khalistan. Moreover, an endeavor was also made to make Canadian Prime Minister to realise that his state policy of respecting freedom of expression is not acceptable to India.
Canadian Prime Minister along with his family also visited Golden Temple on 21 February 2018 and endorsed remarks in the book, “what an honour to be so well received at such a beautiful and meaningful place, we are filled with grace and humility”. Many Indian governments sponsored analysts negatively interpreted endorsed remarks and propagated that Trudeau intently has chosen visit date of 21st of the month and admired Sikh management’ arrangement made for him during Golden Temple. Indian media proliferated that purpose of choosing 21st day of the month and admiring Sikh Management was to please and get their votes confirmed in the forthcoming Canadian elections.
In fact, Indian armed forces’ brutality against Sikhs community in June 1984 is one of the largest tragedy in which over 20000 innocent Sikhs males, females and children were killed. Moreover, Modi’s extremists policies of suppressing human rights and playing Holi with minorities’ blood are naked examples of state terrorism. UN and world community should press Modi to stop fomenting state terrorism against Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Kashmirs.
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