Reverend Jesse Jackson Recognizes UNITED SIKHS with Humanitarian Award for Social Justice – October 2012

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Los Angeles, USA: Reverend Jesse Jackson from the Rainbow PUSH coalition recognizes UNITED SIKHS with a Humanitarian Award for its remarkable work in the field of Advocacy and Humanitarian Aid. The event marked the birthday celebration for Jesse Jackson at Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday 21 October 2012. The event brought in a crowd of 300+ community members. Harpreet Singh and Dr. Seema Kaur from UNITED SIKHS received the award from Rev. Jackson. The Reverend commended UNITED SIKHS for the magnificent humanitarian work the organization has been doing around the world. He specifically mentioned the excellent work done by UNITED SIKHS Disaster Response team on the ground in Wisconsin following the tragedy as they provided one-on-one disaster distress relief service to the victims.  Seema Kaur and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) “We really appreciate all the support that Reverend Jackson has shown towards the Sikh community, by not only joining them in person in Wisconsin but also meeting our disaster counsellors on the ground and giving them moral and emotional support as they worked hard to fulfill the needs of Oak Creek community” said Dr. Seema Kaur, Regional Director with UNITED SIKHS   .

The Directors took the podium and spoke about the similarities between the two organizations, UNITED SIKHS and Rainbow PUSH coalition, especially the focus on humanitarian work and social justice. Rev. Jackson showed his receptiveness towards a joint effort between the two organizations to help both communities to develop further resources for minority populations. Harpreet Singh, Regional Director, UNITED SIKHS, said “The way I see, the Reverend’s work is like a tree. You put the seed in and bear the fruit. Right now you can see the fruit. Our tree today stands on empowering people through its three branches: Advocacy & Civil Rights, Humanitarian Aid and Education. This will bring in fruits for generations to come-fulfilling needs of all communities and hence more equity into the American society.”    UNITED SIKHS would like to thank all our supporters and volunteers for their tireless efforts toward serving the community.

Press Release Issued by: Gurvinder Singh UNITED SIKHS Director, Sikh Aid P: 888-243-1690  | 510-999-7726


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