Struck by a Thunderbolt

By Jahanzeb Afzal Janjua

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi visits the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif's home in Raiwind, where his grand-daughter's wedding is being held, at Lahore, Pakistan on December 25, 2015.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi visits the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s home in Raiwind, where his grand-daughter’s wedding is being held, at Lahore, Pakistan on December 25, 2015.

Sometimes an off the cuff remark suddenly strikes you like a thunderbolt. The possibilities that can be interpreted from such a remark scare you. Something like that happened with me today. A group of close friends got together over dinner a few hours ago, as our evening gatherings go, politics and business all come under discussion. We were discussing CPEC. My friend kept coming up with the CAS trade route through Pakistan. I did not lay much emphasis on that aspect because of the Afghan situation. It seems highly unlikely that this route would be operational in the near future. Then on the way home, I started going over what he said and the implications literally struck me like a thunderbolt. If the news media is to be believed, Jindaal, an Indian business tycoon who deals in iron ore metals was present in Pakistan on invitation to attend our Prime Minister’s grand daughter’s wedding. It was during this occasion that Indian Prime Minister also made a stop over to attend the function.

Modi’s speech in Afghanistan still rings in my ears. Modi’s speech in Bangladesh stills rings in my ears. Modi’s speech in UAE still rings in my ears. The common factor in all these speeches was the venom spewed against Pakistan. The hatred against Pakistan was very forthcoming in all these occasions. There cannot be any different conclusions that can be drawn from the words spoken. Yet our Prime Minister hosts the person who uttered these hateful sentiments about Pakistan.

16 December 1971 will forever be etched in our memories as a black day. That was the day was dismembered. East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Without going into who, what and why,have we forgotten the part Indians played in that episode?

We are conducting operations to clean up our tribal areas. Lives, both civilian and Armed forces are being lost regularly. 134 children were brutally massacred in an attack on a school in Peshawar on 16 December 2014, have we forgotten that as well. The media widely reported an Indian hand in that massacre. The media must have been given briefings by the agencies to name the Indians involvement. Similarly we have been constantly led to believe through the media that RAW is involved in Karachi and Baluchistan unrest. Is the media airing wrong information? What was in the dossier that was handed over to UN and USA? The media said it was evidence of Indian involvement in terrorist activities inside Pakistan.
Either all that I have written above is false, a pack of lies, then the Government of Pakistan owes the people of Pakistan an explanation as to why false information was being fed to the public.If all the things I have mentioned above are correct then why was Modi allowed to land in Pakistan? Why was he allowed to attend the PM of Pakistan’s family function? This is known as FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY. THIS IS A SECURITY RISK TO THE STATE OF PAKISTAN. Were our intelligence agencies in picture about this? Was our Army Chief aware of all that was being done? If the answer is YES then I am afraid we are in serious trouble because it seems we have still not learned our lesson despite all the lives lost, setbacks, breaking up and all. If not, then also I am afraid, we are incompetent and not up to the task demanded of us.

Afghan transit trade means billions in earnings but is peanuts compared to the TAPI pipeline. The PM may think in terms of money but more important is National security and integrity. The PM expects the Afghan India trade to start hoping the Army will be responsible for the security of the country, well it will not work. Because we are not geared to take on this task and the Army knows this in very clear terms. The havoc Indians are plying on us right now bears testimony to this fact. Hoping such actions will pave the way to better relations and confidence between our two nations is insanity.This is committing suicide.

My first priority is my country, If my country is strong, my family is safe and secure. The two go hand in hand.Let us get our math straight.
Let us not allow misplaced and mismatched loyalty askew our thinking. What is happening in Karachi on the Rangers issue, or the Ayaan Ali and Dr. Asim case should be enough to open our eyes. We have a knack for complicating issues. If something needs to be done gear up and get on with it, otherwise call it off as a mistake and we will understand.

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