US Drones, the Empty Aerial Assault

Judy Bachrach Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani ambassador to the United States, wants the US to (a) apologize for a NATO attack on Salala and (b) halt drone attacks on her native soil, neither of which demands—let’s face it, Sherry—is going to happen anytime soon. Always a bad idea to apologize to governments and security agencies run by certain officials who want you dead, and besides, the really tall bearded ...

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The Arab Spring in Doldrums

By Saeed Qureshi The Arab Spring has gone into a mode of hibernation for the present. The advance of the much promising Arab Spring has been halted in Bahrain by [caption id="attachment_1255" align="alignright" width="236" caption="Middle East Issue need to be settled as per Palestinian Masses"][/caption] Saudi Arabia and in Syria by Iran. Paradoxically in Bahrain it is the Sunni minority that is ruling and ...

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Sole hyper power

By Asif Haroon Raja Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglous Feith, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney [caption id="attachment_1251" align="alignright" width="285" caption="Flags involved in fighting war against terror"][/caption] backed by neo-cons media propagandists such as William Kristol and Max Boot were the ones who masterminded a plan to undermine Islam and incapacitate practicing Muslims, dubbed as fundam ...

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Al-Qaeda’s back broken by Pak Security Forces

Asif Haroon Raja Myth of Osama bin Laden (OBL) was the creation of CIA and none else. CIA gave birth to al-Qaeda and fondly nurtured it throughout its infancy in the decade of 1980s. The ISI had no connectio nwith al-Qaeda, since it was a collection of Arabs collected together by CIA from Arab countries and pushed into the inferno of Afghanistan. CIA would have continued to Nawaz Sharif during his stint in ...

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