Upshot of May 11 elections

  Asif Haroon Raja Election fever which gripped the nation from April 21 subsided on May 11 after results were announced. Election results generated mixed feelings of joys and sorrows. The outright victors were overjoyed and celebrated their victory with heartiness. The losers mourned their loss and tried to lessen their grief by saying that elections were rigged and results manipulated. Partial victors rem ...

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‘Election on May 11, Come What May’

Gen Kayani’s unflinching resolve  By F Z Khan The elections this time are being directly attributed to the armed forces’ “major contribution” towards democracy. Tremendous satisfaction has been expressed by the people in general and the general election contestants in particular, both print and electronic media as well as the intelligentsia especially after the Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kay ...

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