The Israeli Crimes, the Western Complicity and the Muslims’ Silence

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The historical stories are not told to keep people asleep. It is to make people awake so that it should not happen again.But such an objective of studying history has totally failed. The history of genocidal massacre of Bosnian Muslims by the Serbs and the complicity of the Western countries and Russia tells a lot to help understand the current Israeli genocide in Gaza. If anyone fail to understand genocide in Bosnia, will definitely fails to understand the geocide in Gaza. There was none to stop the Serbs in their 4 year long genocidal mission. Even now, there is none to stop the Israeli genocide in Gaza. The UN looks fully non-functional and the western countries look fully complicit in the crime.

In 1991, the Serbs waged the war of extermination against the Muslims of Bosnia and killed 300 thousand Muslims.The Serbs raped 60 thousand women and children. A million and a half were abandoned. Israel has killed more than 34,000 and maimed 70,000 Palestinians. More than 70 percent of homes in Gaza are destroyed. Most of the hospitals are destroyed.

The Israeli mission of war crimes continues and the full western support for Israel also continues. The US, the UK, France and Germany are doing everything to help keep Israel continuing its mission. These countries finance and weaponise the genocidal rights of Israel, but do not support the survival rights to the Palestinians. They do not allow immigration of others to their own countries. But they support the Israeli import of Jews from other places of the world to Palestine. So the Jewish people in Palestine rose from 5 % in 1917 to 70% in current years. The recent Iranian missile attack exposed how these western countries are committed and prepared to protect Israel. If they have an iota of similar love for the Palestinians, the Palestinian problem would have been solved long ago.

Killings, siege, wholesale destruction of residential units and starvation of Muslims were the tactical weapons of the Serbian strategy to exterminate the Bosnian Muslims. Israel is adopting the same strategy to exterminate the Palestinians. Famine is used as a weapon. The US and EU refused to stop the genocide in Bosnia in the nineties. So the genocide could continue for a long time. Now they are adopting the same policy in Palestine. But this time the US, the UK and Germany supplying weapons to Israel to sustain its mission of war crimes. And the whole Muslim World except Iran remains silent.

The holocaust for the Bosnian Muslims lasted for about 4 years, during which the Serbs demolished more than 800 mosques, some of which date back to the sixteenth century AD. They burned the Sarajevo Historical Library.The Serbs put thousands of Muslims in concentration camps, tortured them, starved them, until they became skeletons!

The Guardian published the story of the Bosnian massacres, a full-page map, showing the locations of rape camps for Muslim women – huge camps, some of them inside Serbia itself. The Serbs raped children. Even a 4-year old girl was raped with blood running from between her legs. The Guardian published a report about her titled: “The child whose fault is that she is a Muslim”.

The Serbian Butcher Mladic invited the leader of the Muslims of Ziba to a meeting. He gave him a cigarette, laughed a little with him, then pounced on him and slaughtered him. This is a prototype of the Serbian killer. Such killers become the leaders. But the most heinous Serbian crime was the siege of Srebrenica.

The Serbs besieged Srebrenica for two years. The shelling did not stop for a moment. The Serbs were taking a significant part of the aid arriving to the town.
Then the West decided to hand it over to the Wolves: the Dutch battalion protecting Srebrenica. The Dutch conspired with the Serbs. They pressured the Muslims to surrender their weapons in exchange for safety! But it was a deceitful ploy to make a genocidal massacre. They separated the males from the females. They gathered 12,000 males (Boys and men ). They killed them all.And after the slaughter of Srebrenica, the butcher Radovan Karadzic entered the city, conquering and declaring: Srebrenica has always been Serbian and is now back in the arms of the Serbs.
The Serbs were not alone in their genocidal mission. Neither are the Israelis standing alone. Those who kill Muslims they do not run short of friends, money and weapons. There are many of the earth to finance and weaponise them. Only the Muslim victims stay helpless and friendless. The people of Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria experienced that. Now the Muslims of Palestine are also experiencing the same.

Those who are fascinated by the Western civilization and their fake human values now can see ample evidence of their genocidal instincts. The birthplace of colonialism, imperialism, racism, fascism, nazism, ethnic cleansings, World Wars, nuclear bombs didn’t run baren. It still stands very rich with the worst war criminals who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the genocidal killers of Israel. So there is no ray of hope for peace for the people of Palestine. Only the perseverance and the holy fight and the reliance on the Almighty Allah remain the only option

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