UN to Ensure Stopping Israeli aggression against Palestine

Israeli Brutality against Palestine

By Zaheerul Hassan
Since six days, Israel continuously kept on launching intense barrage missile and multiple air strikes in Gaza. The death toll of Palestinians rose to 154 including 40 children, 20 ladies and severely injured over 1000. Seven Israelis also died, in response of Hamas 1500 rockets firing at Tel Aviv. Israeli forces hit a 13-story residential building in Gaza, in which 134 individuals got killed, in a single airstrike. Despite prompt international concern, Israel did not stop the brutal killing of innocent Palestinians. International Media Houses Building, Al Jala Tower was also hit with four rockets on May 5, 2021 by Israel. Famous Al-Jazeera, AP and other local media houses were located in that building, as well. According to renowned media sources, Israeli military claimed that the said building contained “military assets” belonging to Hamas intelligence. Prior of its attacking, Israeli Forces gave one hour notice to the journalist to vacate it. Probably, sole purpose of destroying the building was to ask journalists to keep their traps shut on Israeli state terrorism against Palestine. Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted that the Biden administration “communicated directly to the Israelis” after the strike on the media tower in Gaza City.
“Ensuring the safety and security of journalists and independent media is a paramount responsibility,” she wrote.
In fact, attacking innocent people, asking them to leave their areas and stopping media from airing true pictures are just trying to hide facts and amounting to war crimes of Tel-Aviv and against UN ethics too. While doing such type of lethal and brutal actions, probably Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want to gain cheap popularity in public for saving his weak government. He thinks, losing war against Hamas mean losing power against Naftali Benneft, potential PM of Israel.
Devastating effects have been observed after ruthless Israeli actions against innocent population and their properties. People have been forced to leave the buildings, staying in open areas or relief camps along with dead bodies and injuries of their love ones. Several martyred ladies’ dead bodies were found ‘with their dead babies. Even in one of the case, 3-4 months old injured baby son was found in the arms of his dead mother which means she sacrificed her life but saved her son. Unfortunately, all organizations including 25 International Human Rights Organizations and world community including Islamic countries were either found silent or raised very weak voice on Israeli genocide against Palestinians. These organizations failed to provide relief in this critical time of their lives and have not been seen to extend their physical support towards the victims.
Israel has also deployed her land forces all along West Bank and plans to carry out ground operation inside Gaza and other Palestinian areas. Although settlement of Jews along West Bank has been there for a couple of few years, but it further aggravated during the first nine months of 2019; Israeli government approved plans for 5,995 housing units in the West Bank settlements, excluding East Jerusalem, as compared to 5,618 in the year 2018. In September, Israeli cabinet officials approved ex-post facto the outpost settlement of Mevo’ot Yericho in the Jordan Valley that had been illegal even under Israeli law. The settlement was approved just days after the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to annex the Jordan Valley if re-elected.
Anyhow, thousands of people all over the globe came out and carried out protests against Israeli raids. But at the same time, instead of condemning, US administration as usual supported Israeli stance by forcing UN to postpone Security Council meeting. In fact, the open meeting was requested by China, Tunisia and Norway and was to be held on May 14, 2021. Now, the same meeting would be held on May 16, 2021. Postponing of meeting just provided chance to play havoc with the lives of innocent Palestinians in the next two days. Moreover, backing Israel in Gaza conflict is indirectly paving path for premiership of Netanyahu in his crucial political career against Naftali Benneft and paying back goodwill which was provided to Joe Biden against Trump in US elections.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has called for foreign ministers of the world’s largest body of Muslim nations to hold a meeting on May 16, 2021 too. Gathering of 57 Islamic nation and virtually discussing Israeli acts of violence and using police force against protesters at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem would not fruitful without providing any physical support to Palestinians.
Similarly, another global debacle could be seen in Case todays’ discussion, of UN Security Council failed in stopping Israel from further slaughtering of innocent people, damaging properties, forcefully evicting and killing real inhabitants with the objective of settling Jews housing societies in Western Bank. This may force victims to get up and start fighting for their rights even by using unfair means. Notably, such type of struggle may lead to a damage of Israeli Interests inside Europe, America and Middle East.
Here, it is also mentionable that Kashmir issue has also similarities with Israeli aggressions as thousands of Kashmiris including, children, women, young and old people got martyred and several injured while struggling for their rights against occupied Indian Forces. But again UN, OIC and global community failed in resolving burring issue.
In short, the global communities should stand up and tell Israel to stop the barbarism against innocent children, women and other people. De-escalation including vacation of Al-Aqsa by Israeli forces, should immediately be carried out by both sides. Moreover, two nation states is the only solution to this long outstanding issue. OIC should start to openly endorse its physical help in the shape of providing weaponry, placing some portion of Islamic Force in Gaza and Kashmir.
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