Zeenat Aman, glamour queen will remarry again

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Marriage was a mistake she had promised never to make again, but as the cliché goes, time is a great healer. And so 60-year-old Zeenat Aman, glamour goddess of the seventies and mother of two sons in their 20s, will soon marry the man of her dreams.

She doesn’t want to go into details, but Zeenat  reveals that her sons, Azaan (26) and Zahaan (23), are thrilled by her decision.

“They told me, ‘go unwind, and be happy,’” she says. Zeenat was in a tumultuous relationship with actor Sanjay Khan, after which she married actor Mazhar Khan who passed away in 1998.

ZeenatCongratulations! We’ve heard you’re planning to marry again. Thank you. Yes, I am planning to go that way again. I was dead against marriage after my children’s father (Mazhar Khan) passed away. The thought of it was dreadful. But our resolutions are nothing against God’s will.

I have met someone and he’s become a significant part of my life, but I don’t want to discuss it any further. He is from India, and we are planning to marry. I am in a much happier space today. I feel I am young again.

Many think you’re still with Zaheer, your partner for many years. Oh no! It’s been off since about four years.

Have you anything to say about domestic violence, something you faced in your own life? It’s inexcusable. The victim in an abusive relationship has to speak up.

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