Mapping the Sources of Tension and the Interests of Regional Powers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. December 2012

This Mapping Document draws on ten expert papers commissioned under the CIDOB project “Sources of Tension in Afghanistan & Pakistan: A Regional Perspective” (STAP RP), together with the analytical outputs of project round table seminars and in-region research (September 2011-November 2012); and interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Europe over the same period. The document schematically summarizes policy research findings on the sources of tension with regional implications that affect Afghanistan and Pakistan; and identifies the interests of, and related “red lines” for, the five main implicated regional powers: India, Iran, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

Emma Hooper, Project Director, and CIDOB Senior Associated Research Fellow and Juan Garrigues, CIDOB Research Fellow, were responsible for the drafting of this document. While many other experts contributed to the findings presented, the final responsibility for the content is CIDOB’s alone.

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