Our judicial system requires revamping

By Asif Haroon Raja Pakistan was pushed into the inferno of war on terror by the imperialist USA after 9/11 with ill-intentions. While roots of terrorism were identified in Afghanistan, the war was surreptitiously diverted into FATA, and then into other parts of Pakistan. All this time debate kept raging among Pakistanis whether it was US war or our war. Irrespective of this debate, the fact is that law enf ...

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Case of missing containers

                         By Mohammad Jamil Last month, Federal Minister for Finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar informed the members of the lower house of the parliament that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was investigating the cases of 11,000 NATO/ISAF missing containers on the directives of Supreme Court of Pakistan. “They (NAB) are in the process of finalizing the investigations and has not yet communicated ...

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EOBI Scam – Grand Design against DHA

By Zaheerul Hassan On 17th July 2013, Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan ordered the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to deposit Rs. 2 Billion (within 48 hours) with the office of Supreme Court Registrar, or face freezing of all its accounts. All the stakeholders were shocked on court’s verdict while people whispered around that a grand design against DHA was in the offing as political elite and Judiciary desire ...

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US Generals having Nightmare

By Manzoor Ali This is not a good year for the generals. In just ten days 3 four-star US generals have found way to infamy: Two generals, Gen Petraeus and Gen John Allen for infidelity and creating risk of security leaks and the third, Gen William 'Kip' Ward for misuse of government funds. Gen Kip has now to return 84 thousand dollars to the government. His shoulder will now carry one star less and he would ...

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Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Address

Posted By Zaheerul Hassan November 5, 2012: While speaking to a group of officers at GHQ, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said, “as a nation, we are passing through a defining phase. We are critically looking at the mistakes made in the past and trying to set the course for a better future. An intense discussion and debate is natural in this process. No individual or institution has the mon ...

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