Aman Ki Asha or Trade Sachet?

by Rehmatullah Kakakhel As far as the Indian business delegates are concerned, they came, they saw and they conquered (certainly not the heart of a common Pakistani). The core issues like Kashmir and water accord were thrown on the backseats while the business interests were brought into the lime light. A couple of happy meals, photo sessions and some musical evenings in the forefront while discreet and dub ...

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Arsala Rahmani, Afghan Peace Council Member Assassinated in Kabul

By Kevin Sieff and Sayed Salahuddin KABUL — A former Taliban leader turned peace negotiator was assassinated Sunday by three unidentified gunmen in a brazen attack in the Afghan capital, hours before leaders here announced the next phase in the country’s security transition. Arsala Rahmani, 70, was fatally shot while traveling through central Kabul. He was a key member of the High Peace Council, a group res ...

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TAPI and IPI: Peace pipelines

Air Cdre Khalid Iqbal (R) Concept of energy security does not have a uniform meaning due to the complexities arising out of regional intricacies and global market dynamics. World Bank defines energy security as ‘the sustainable production and use of energy at reasonable costs to ensure a certain quality of life’. Flow of energy resources across the states’ boundaries does not per se guarantee regional peace ...

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Plan for Iranian talks

By David Ignatius Let’s assume the signals from the White House and Tehran are reliable, and that Iran is serious about an agreement to remove its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium from the country and stop producing more. What happens then? This question of “next steps” in the Iran nuclear talks is important, because neither side is likely to commit to the first set of “confidence-building measures” ...

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Indian police to visit Iran to probe attack targeting Israeli diplomats in New Delhi

By Rama Lakshmi An Indian police team will visit Tehran this month as part of an investigation into the role of three Iranians suspected of carrying out a bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat’s car in New Delhi in February, a police official said Thursday. The three-man team will seek information on the suspects’ movements, “when they left the country, when they returned, where they went, their phone records ...

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Sanctions put Iran oil difficult to sell

By Joby Warrick and Steven Mufson Increasingly hard-pressed to find buyers for its petroleum, Iran has been routinely switching off satellite tracking systems on its sea-bound oil tankers for more than a month, in what U.S. officials and industry analysts describe as a cat-and-mouse game with Western governments seeking to enforce sanctions on Iranian exports. The unusual tactic was begun in early April and ...

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Playing in the hands of India

Khalid Khokhar While a flurry of senior US officials started visiting Pakistan in an attempt to reduce the tension between the two countries that have been created after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in a covert US operation in Pakistan, Washington is making new demands to prosecute the founder of banned Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed by announcing a $10 million reward for information on him. ...

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Zawahiri in Pakistan?

Prof Ali Sukhanver "Zawahiri is in Pakistan", assured the gracious lady Hillary Clinton talking to media in Kolkata, a few days back. She further said in the same interview: "You have to go over those who are trying to kill you. You have to be focused on that." Hillary is no doubt very much true in her concept of pursuing those who are trying to kill you. Her approach in this regard must be sincerely follow ...

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