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As much as I would have liked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to win, that was not to be, well, well, it is still not too bad. At least we are seeing the back of the People’s Party at the centre, which is no mean achievement and I must offer my congratulations, though admittedly not exactly from the bottom of my heart, as they say it, to Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif and his team for making an achievement that seemed unlikely.
On second thoughts, I see at least one advantage in that. Well, having had experience of running both the federal and provincial governments, PML-N won’t waste much time, and resources, in trial-and-error and will get down to the serious business of forming and running the government, hopefully for the benefit of the people who, getting raw deal from the rulers all this time, are now at the end of their tether, and definitely desire and deserve a lot better.

Having attained its objective, I hope PML-N will act in a gracious manner and will also accept and respect the mandate of other parties, and deal with them in a peaceful and reconciliatory manner, and not that of revenge and score-settling. I am confident of this because PML-N has shown fair degree of maturity, one reason for which is its having the same old leadership for a long span, as against Peoples Party which had ‘accidental’ leaders who rose to fame over-night and yet others who had to go through a name-change process to establish their credentials.

For the fact that it participated in the elections for the first time, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf did not do too bad either. In a decent move, it has conceded its defeat at the national level and has congratulated Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif on his spectacular success. PTI has expressed a desire to form government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where it has secured majority votes. In a way, it landed the most important job, and if it can establish law and order in the most volatile province, it would be a great service to the whole of Pakistan, and a big relief to all of us.

Let us hope other parties also demonstrate the sporting spirit which PTI has displayed and accept the election results, even if these did not turn out in their favor. It is definitely time to be positive and move on in a spirit of reconciliation instead of being mean and vindictive, which has been our tradition in the past.Nawaz Sharif expressed a wish on the election night for his party to attain overall majority in the National Assembly so that his party does not have to take in coalition partners which would have diluted its power, slowing down and adversely affecting its decision-making process.

Looks like his wish has been granted so he would now have no excuse in not moving fast enough on various fronts where lot of developmental work has to be done. We are in an absolute mess from which we need to get out, and soon. Let us hope Nawaz Sharif and his team stop the rot, and move on from there Being an optimist, I see a better Pakistan emerging. I hope our leaders will spare the suffering masses the misery which had been their fate during the last five years, and even before.

At some stage, our leaders have got to develop a quality to lead, instead of spending their time, and country’s resources, purely on pursuing their personal interests and rivalries. Just remember, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri is around and not too happy with the situation. If the situation gets any worse, it would provide an enabling atmosphere for Dr. Qadri to arrange mass protests which could develop in to a movement that could smash every thing coming in its way. We have seen the trailer. Let us hope the need does not arise to play the full film.(S.R.H. Hashmi)

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