After DFID Survey Report UNO Anguish Probe Regarding Baluchistan

Posted by Faheem Belharvi

What a strange thing that UNO (as few Pakistanis term it Anti-Muslim Organization) could not see violations of human rights and state terrorism of Indian army in Indian Held Kashmir. UNO is not concerned about the genocide of Muslims in Arakan, Myanmar; the blockade of Gaza by Jewish terrorists and killings of Muslims are justified by this organization controlled and paid by Jews and anti-human govt. of USA. UNO has no objection over this that terrorists sponsored by CIA, RAW and MOSSAD enter into Pakistan from Afghanistan attack defense installations, security personnel, security check posts on Afghan border and murder innocent Pakistanis by attacking Pakistani markets. Moreover USA has also mandate and right given by UNO to kill innocents just on the basis of hypothesis through Drone terrorism. The massacre of minorities and lower castes in the hands of Brahmans and extremist Hindus in India has nothing to do with UN. However the situation of Baluchistan has made UNO restless.

Yes! Just because of this anxiety UNO has announced to send her envoy consisting of seven members at once and informed Pakistani Foreign Department that UN envoy will visit Pakistan from 10 to 20 September. During visit these representatives of UN will meet federal and provincial officials as well as persons from different schools of thoughts in Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta discussing situation of Baluchistan.
It is clear that Pakistani officials will assure that envoy meets every person who is busy in uprooting the Two Nations Theory and integrity of the motherland. We will fulfill all the demands of being a host so that UN envoy can write a comprehensive complaint sheet against Pakistan. One should ask UN why India or Myanmar had never issued visas to their envoys or fact finding commissions? Why all types of human rights violations are visible only in Baluchistan while UNO is blind to state terrorism of non-Muslim states including USA, Israel, India…
A greater and significant role has been played by our media free of all morals working on a special foreign agenda to secure huge funds; fabricating fake stories in the name of freedom of speech and expression to defame Islam and motherland. If we look at India as an example just in Assam Curfew has been imposed in many districts from last four months. In Madras and other eastern coastal areas with the drop of the night the rule and law of Naxalites prevails, neither UNO cannot see the inhuman use of force by Indian machinery against them nor Indian media did publish/telecast any news that may defame India on the international level. In contrast to this talk-shows targeted for criticizing and defaming respected institute like Supreme Court to disputing Two-Nations theory is a daily routine. One is struggling to prove Tipu Sultan as a failed ruler while other is leaving no stone unturned to prove massacre of Muslims in 1947 false and independence of Pakistan as unjustified. Regarding Baluchistan the role of our traitor media is clear as they started a planned campaign to prove two traitors hiding in Europe as heroes of Baluchistan as they are the only representatives of the Baluchistan of self exile while in fact half of the population of Baluchistan consists of Pashtoons.
Pakistani media which should have presented the real problems of Baluchistan and the pointed the culprits questioning the role of these countries who have not only given protection to anti-Pakistan elements but training them for terrorism in Baluchistan, arming them with latest automatic weapons for cultivating sectarian disputes through target killing. Our media should have raised he issue with UNO that if USA has the authority and right to kill innocents just on the basis of hypothesis than why does not Pakistan has the right to kill bosses of terrorism hiding in Afghanistan and European countries, they are not only planning and involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan but also openly accept the responsibility for this as well. But alas! Neither our media devoid of all morals will ever raise this question nor will Pakistan be given right to neutralize bosses of terrorism supported by western and anti-Islamic powers.
This shall be also kept in mind that US and many American think tanks are working on Greater Baluchistan from long ago; just like Pakistan, Iran also has been experiencing bomb blast and terrorism sponsored by international terrorist agencies MOSSAD and CIA. But in the way Iran has crushed the foreign sponsored terrorists disguised as freedom fighters after this no one has dared to give statements over freedom for political interests. Through amendments in laws regarding terrorism Iran ensured it that terrorists are hanged in the public. The result now neither any country nor UNO (supporter of western terrorism) dares to talk about human rights violations in Iranian Baluchistan or give protection to Iranian Baloch for fabricating conspiracies or plans of terrorism in Iran. Than what is the problem with Pakistan that issuance of one trillion from federal govt. along with internal resources of Baluchistan just for the 8.5 million population the problems of poor Baloch are not solved at all. No one is holding talks with those countries that are hiding bosses of terrorism in Baluchistan arming them with weapons, training and finances for target killing, abductions and terrorism.
We have not even dared to question or protest to British over the gallop survey (published on 20 July 2012) of their govt. department of Britain, ‘Department for International Development (DFID)’ claiming that 37% Baloch demand separation from Pakistan. Working under the supervision of British cabinet minister DFID has no right to hold a survey from innocent citizens of an independent country that whether they are loyal to their motherland or not. Moreover DFID has not disclosed that whether this survey was answered by heads of terrorism hiding in Britain (British sponsored Baloch terrorists) or the Baloch people from Baluchistan; moreover DFID itself discloses that the persons in the survey belonged to those districts where Murree, Mengal and Bugti tribes are populated. Who has given right to these few districts to decide the future of Baluchistan or Pakistan?
Had not DFID exceeded its mandate? Its responsibilities are not only to investigate the situation of education, health, supply of drinking water, sewerage system and needs of public; not only this but also help the member of Common Wealth to supply all these needs. Elimination in poverty, ensuring education for every child, decrease in the rate of death of children, improvement in the health of mothers prevention of environmental pollution not only this the cooperation between the departments and persons in all these fields are the goals of DFID. Than who gave the right to DFID to hold survey in Baluchistan? If the goal of this department was to represent the problems of the poor Baloch than British govt. should clarify that what steps have been taken according to the charter and mandate of Baluchistan (besides spreading and cultivating anti-Pakistan terrorism in Baluchistan) to remove the underdevelopment of Baluchistan or if any suggestions have been that these should be brought forward. Some analysts are happy that 63% of the public want to live with Pakistan; this is my humble request that the goal behind the survey was anti-Pakistan. Have British ever conducted a survey in Ireland that how many Irish want to live with Britain? Or in ex-colonies of Britain how many surveys for separation have been conducted by DFID especially in India where there are more than a dozen freedom movements are going on, if the answer is NO than DFID shall be thrown out of Pakistan until it apologizes for insulting 18 billion Pakistanis. Pakistan is under developed but Pakistan is an independent country which had inherited many disputes and problems from Britain due to anti-Muslim mentality of British. Most important are the unjustified division of resources and Kashmir dispute; if these problems had not been created by mutual conspiracy of Hindus and English Pakistan would have been at a much better place regarding development. Like these there are many problems which Britain created for Pakistan during their withdrawal from sub-continent but it is not possible to discuss them here. But in a such time when Pakistan has become target of terrorism while supporting USA in self created war on terror sponsored by west, Britain should avoid such imperialist tactics of gallop survey and discourage those elements that are planning and executing terrorism in Pakistan from safe heavens in Britain while few them have created self proclaimed govt. of free Baluchistan. Moreover who knows better than English that what is the role of India in terrorism in Baluchistan and the peace in Pakistan is threat to which city of Pakistan’s neighboring country.

(Khalid Baig)

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