Again we Need National Unity of 1947

Pakistan should tread steps watchfullyUnfolding of the pages of united India  history always give me a hope of shining future whenever  I read the state of motivation of Muslims which  converted them into a Nation in the shortest possible time and ultimately  reached to its apex point  of getting Independence on 14 August 1947. Further turning of pages of history, I felt that we achieved the objective of independence due to the presence of (a) Clear headed leadership (b) singleness of purpose(c) selflessness (d) spirit to sacrifice (e) belief of masses in their leadership. There might be many more contributory factors which level the grounds to create an  independent Muslim state PAKISTAN but the said five (a-e) factors simply bind the Muslim community of this continent as one Nation. At that time, no one was Sunni, Shia, Deobandi etc rather everyone irrespective of class was Muslim and remains ready to scarify  under the clear headed and selfless leadership.   Unfortunately, we very soon forgotten our struggle carried out  for the independence and started involving ourselves into classes, sectarianism, and others ill of the society. Thus, as result country’s’ affairs started declining instead improving. It is worth mentioning here that  in 1947 nation was really very spirited and even the office workers or the government employees of that time used to bring the stationary for their official jobs from their own pocket. The common pins were used to be made of thorns (quoted by my father and grandfather during the narration of events attributed to the making/post Pakistan days), due to resource constraint which was due to the unfair division resources between Indo-Pak. It is worth mentioning here that after the portion Indian rulers refused to hand over those resources which were according to the Partition Plan were Pakistan ‘share.

Anyhow, sensitive people now are thinking that why such a spirited nation going down from their apex point with every passing day. The obvious answer of speedy decline in progress is that, most of people are now involved in immoral, unethical and money making activities. Supplely, we can say that nobody feel shy in illegal earning ,  who so ever get the chance and those who  could not do,  just   feel  grudge against others and  promise with himself that they will not spare any stone unturned to do what they could not and still having the race till to-date. In short, time makers have became the destroyer for time to come and generation after generation. I feel sorry to say that old citizens have failed miserably in their duties of putting the present stuff on right track. Whereas morally and ethically they have ruined the young generation, as they have failed to built their character on nationalism.

Resultantly, the personal interests have been concreted in to the people of Pakistan therefore now no person think of country’s interest rather everyone is working on the personal interests. The worst thing is that we still feel that whatever we are doing is in the best interest of the country where as it is totally detrimental to the good health of the country and people as well. You take any department or segment of the society it will speak of their ills and causes of decline or demoralization. The only option with the people is to dismantle the existing structure and built a new Pakistan, as Kal k Chor Aj K saad (yesterdays thief’s are to- days noble).

Degradation in our thinking and morality level in each segment of society can be assessed by just watching different programs on the Pakistani media in which different channels first scold, degrade and humiliate personalities for their wrong deeds and for damaging the image of Pakistan at international level and later on start supporting or praising the same media made personalities/heroes. Such channels do waste lot of time of Pakistani people and also waste the scarce resource of energy on endless media discussions. The prime example is Mr. Ahmed Salman, Mr Shahid Afridi and Amir (cricketers). All had been involved in very immoral, unethical and committing heinous crime of selling Pakistan in sports. Mr. Salman have been proven guilty, in spite of his denial and Mr. Afridi can be seen guilty on television screen when he was having big bite of red cherry on the field and damaging the pitch with his joggers. At least, I have no doubt about his intentions, but he is still considered to be a Hero, what a shame, is this the standard we are looking from our Hero’s, certainly Big No.  But may be Yes for the media houses and some anchors. Who allow them to host the programs on their channels and also allow them to be interviewed respectively, as heroes or experts whereas the same media houses and anchors had been blaming them for their immoral acts and damaging the image of Pakistan? What a shame that personality like Mr. Amir Sohail (cricketer) sitting with Ahmed salman and discussing the cricket affairs on one of the channel. It would have been much encouraging that had he refused to sit with him. But money matters and values……………………………….

Now come on to the politicians, so called leadership from whom the people of this country expect to be the custodian of (a) Clear headed thoughts (b) singleness of purpose(c) selflessness/honesty (d) spirit to sacrifice (e) belief of masses in their leadership. But they have been seen eroding all ethics there are many examples for quoting but the most recent glaring example came on to the surface once I was watching the inaugural ceremony of so Called Sindh Festival in which Mr. liaqat Jatoi, a business man/contractor and father of a murderer had been just walking behind/along the political leadership (Miss Sharmila etc) as a key person. We all know that how ruthlessly his son Shah Rukh jatoi had murdered the only young son of a police official in Karachi. We also know that how ruthlessly he used his wealth to get his son saved from the capital punishment. What would be the feeling of a mother and father on seeing such a person at the helm of the affairs of a powerful political party? Will any Pakistani sacrifice anything in such environment? You may add Ex Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the list who was involved in pre-election rigging and was also sitting beside Young Mr. Bilawal Bhutto in the inaugural ceremony of Sind Festival.

Such types of examples are full of in our political culture. It is seldom that without eradicating such issues we will be able to do anything good for Pakistan.  Like many sensitive people my soul always had been questioning me that what have gone wrong with the Nation of 1947, who got the new homeland for themselves and generations to come from the most powerful nation of their times. I never been able to answer my inner self but seeing the present state of mind of our leadership I may be right in concluding the fact that till the time we do not have leadership having (a) Clear headed thoughts (b) singleness of purpose(c) selflessness/honesty (d) spirit to sacrifice (e) belief of masses in their leadership we will not be able to become a Nation Again. Fact remains the same that we have the potentials but we do not have the leader like Jinnah, may God give us a leader like him and safe us from Sharifon, Zardarion, Walion, Bhaion and Molvion. Rise of common man is the solution, who should have conviction to shun the wrong deeds or be able to say the wrong as wrong individually and collectively.    By Idrees Naqvi

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