Baluch Missing Persons’ Issue and Misuse of Human Rights Watch

55By Waziri

The appearance of Asia Human Rights Watch recent report on January 8, 2014, on Pakistani Baluchistan that 160 persons were extra judicially killed, 510 disappeared and 50 decomposed bodies were found during 2013 is a malicious propaganda against Pakistan. It is an effort to discredit the forum in Pakistan. Instead of focusing on real violation it is persistently engaged in propaganda against the country, Pakistan which has great sacrifices in the ongoing global war on terror. The forum is based in Hong Kong and being influenced by the foreign based Qadiani writers including Tarek Fateh, Beena Sarwar, Ahmad Rashid, Noorudin Mengal, Mehran Baloch and Haibyar Marri etc. Baloch leaders residing abroad are mostly kids of Baluch Nawabs and Sardars who, despite their rule in the province in the past, have not built even a single school and road in their respective areas of Kohlu and Dera Bugti.

The sitting Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch is from the common masses and an educated person who can take care of the poor masses of Baluchistan. Now when these Nawabs and Sardars are out of the political scene in the province and people have elected a common man as the captain of the ship, these foreign based Baluch leaders have no other option but to take the support of international conspirators. They have joined hands with Ahmadis and Qadianis to malign Pakistan abroad. Their apparent aim is to undermine Dr Malik’s government in Baluchistan and weaken Pakistan’s position in the comity of nations.


It is an open fact that on the orders of Supreme Court, a Joint Task Force was formed in Baluchistan headed by the Secretary Home and Tribal Affairs Capt (R) Akbar Durrani and concerned Police Stations were directed to register FIRs to investigate the cases. Relatives of the missing persons were requested to come along with details of such missing persons. Thorough investigation was made by the provincial government in each case especially in Baluch cases not in the brutal killing of settlers and LEAs personnel.


The cases which came to limelight were figured around 300. Yet the sub nationalist leaders who are enjoying luxuries abroad and their few followers continued insisting on the figures in thousands which were neither proved in the Task Force nor in Police Stations. The 300 hundred figures also included persons sitting in Afghanistan like Mir Wadood Raisani. Mir was adversary of the then Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani and escaped political victimization. He is still sitting in Qandhar, Afghanistan under the umbrella support of Indian Consulate there.
In these 300 missing persons, about 130 were recovered by the Police and JTF. About 120 dead bodies were also recovered including those killed in tribal feuds or died natural death. While only few are still missing.

A Paris based Baluch journalist Noorudin Mengal was the architect of a well-known teacher Shazia Marri story which never existed. Mengal’s aim was to get political asylum in France. He, while in Khuzdar jail on criminal charges, propagated the story through the visiting ICRC team. A good number of Marries and Bugtis are residing in a rented accommodation in Qandhar and are engaged in training of militancy and terrorism sponsored by Indian and Afghan Intelligence Agencies with the aim to destabilize Western Pakistan.
The so called leader of Baluch Missing Person leader Qader Mama has personal grudge. His late son Jalil Reki was a militant Commander of Baluch Republican Army led by a Switzerland based separatist Brahmdagh Bugti and was a killer of hundreds of non Baluch and poor workers including barbers, milk sellers and daily wages labour across Baluchistan. Likewise Chairman of Missing Persons Mr Nasrullah has a personal interest to become a leader. His missing cousin was involved in sectarian violence and was killed in such clashes during Liaqat Bazar suicide bombing, he knows it.33

Yes, Nawab Akbar Bugti was a veteran politician and ranked among the founders of Pakistan. His death was a state blunder like Lal Masjid operation but he was not killed by the poor non Baluch people in Baluchistan. About 1500 men, women, children from ethnic Punjabis, Pashtuns, Hazaras and Sindhi communities of Baluchistan were brutally killed by BLA, BRA and BLF militants across Baluchistan. Where was this AHRW, writers and foreign based separatist Baluch leaders?

Qadiani leaders spare no opportunity to malign Pakistan as shown by their specific propaganda on the Human Rights forum. There is nothing against the actual brutalities across Kashmir being perpetrated by the Indian seven hundred thousand forces on innocent Kashmiri Muslims. UN recognizes such accesses in Kashmir, therefore, passed several resolutions for Kashmiris’ right of self-determination but all these writers misusing AHRW forum cannot watch it because they have an Indian prism on their eyes.
Qadianis are misusing Baluch missing persons for their own interest to malign Pakistan, Pakistan Army, FC and Pakistan premier Intelligence Agency ISI. In the January 8 article of AHRW. They picture is that of Hazaras who were killed in a suicide attack by the Baluch sectarian activists led by Uman Saifullah Kurd and Shafiq Ring. Instead it has been shown as mass grave of missing persons.
The mass grave discovered in Khuzdar can be result of tribal feud between Sardar Attaullah Mengal of MNP (M) and Mir Nasseer Mengal of PML (Q) groups of Wad, District Khuzdar. The one identified as Naseer Ahmed was a supporter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

The pictures displayed by a Torento Qadiani, Tarek Fateh showing Pakistani Baluchistan as occupied Baluchistan and a map showing Azad Jammu & Kashmir as part of India is clear indication of his biased approach and forwarding the agenda of Pakistan’s foes.
The writer is Islamabad based freelance Journalist

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