Ambassador Yusuf Buch released from N.Y. hospital

New York, May 19. Ambassador Yusuf Buch, a living encyclopedia on Kashmir was released froKahmir -yousaf Buchm New York University Hospital. Buch Sahib spent more than a week at Hospital where he was admitted when his health condition worsened. Buch Sahib will be at New York Rehabilitation Center for a week or two till he is fully recovered.
Ambassador Yusuf Buch, a distinguished expert on South Asia in general and on the subject of Kashmir in particular is a direct participant of Kashmir’s struggle for freedom since its inception in its modern form in 1931. He was the senior advisor to the United Nations Secretary General for 14 years. ,
When Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai asked him if he has any message for the people of Kashmir. Buch Sahib replied, “I have lot to say but I cannot say it at this time”. Fai spent three days with Buch Sahib in New York. Just before departing on Sunday, May 17th, Fai again asked Buch Sahib for any message. Buch Sahib replied, “I had promised you that I would put my views in writing about the damage currently being done to the Kashmir cause. Unfortunately, I cannot do that now because of my health condition. However, tell our leadership particularly Geelani Sahib that It will be a service to the cause to give it the prominence that it deserves.” Buch Sahib added that “with God’s help, our cause will survive all its betrayals by both our friends and enemies.”

Buch Sahib also told Fai to convey his deep appreciation to all those people who are praying for his early recovery.

“We pay tribute to his inspirational spirit and pay homage to his life in exile where he dedicated his energies for the freedom of his homeland, Kashmir,” Dr. Fai said.

May Allah (s.w.t.) grant him Shifa-e-Kamilah!

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