Britain Prince Harry in love with Meghan

Somehow, UK Queen’s family remains in international news due to their romantic private life. Both pleasant and unpleasant incidents led to their successful and unsuccessful marriage life. In 1936, a constitutional crisis in the British Empire arose when King-Emperor Edward VIII … Despite the opposition, Edward declared that he loved Simpson and intended to marry with her.
Late on, Prince Charles and Lady Diana loved and married to each other but however the marriage life remained unsuccessful due to the reasons well known to all of us and she died in a road accident.
Now, again, Price Harry and Meghan develop relationships and got involved to each other. Meanwhile, Kensington Palace confirmed Harry and Meghan’s relationship last November.
The two have spent time together in various places around the world. Markle has visited Harry in London and he has spent time with her in Toronto, where she films Suits. In January, they took a trip to Norway, where they enjoyed whale-watching in the remote town of Tromso and spent the night under the Aurora Borealis.
“Harry is truly in love,” a source told E! News in January. “They’re very serious.”
The insider added that people close to Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be surprised if there will be an engagement announcement later this year.
Harry had last visited Jamaica, alone, in 2012. Markle has been to the country before as well; She married Trevor Engelson there in 2011. They divorced two years later.

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