Chicago summit: Pakistan still defying US egotism

Jawad Raza KhanChicago summit: Pakistan still defying US egotism

Pakistan is undeniably under huge compression especially after discontinuing NATO supplies, since the dejected Salala incident. Experts are evaluating the situation on hourly basis, giving news and theories with pessimistic approach leaving audience hopeless (most of them). Bonn conference, Shamsi Air Base and Chicago moot all are discussed at length, but what is really unheard off is something which should have been discussed with pride and grace. Our media may call this nation as a shameless bunch of different mobs, but in reality what has certainly ensued since then, is amazing.  All our pseudo- intellectuals were of the opinion that Pakistan will not be able to take on the challenge of blocking NATO supplies for more than 10 days but this great nation has responded with such a strength that has forced our corrupt leaders to think twice before opening the NATO’s line of communication. How it happened is not been highlighted “24- Have indeed changed the course “Well Done Soldiers”!

Godless notion (non-believers) cannot comprehend, how a country like Pakistan is standing one against forty eight not for aid, not for satisfying ID (driven by the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires), not defying principles but only for their self-respect, making the world realize that “We are not horde but are existing and breathing as a nation”. The defiance shown by Pakistani nation is exceptional in history, here I must confess that Pakistan has to open this supply route but this planned or unplanned delay has indeed gave Pakistan some sort of a moral tonic in its existing dismal state. Extremely deplorable law and order situation, constitutional crisis, political tussle, depressing economy and above all unlimited power cut offs in scorching summers could not change the trend in this part of the world and Americans are now indeed feeling the heat. They need supplies from south, well before 2014, otherwise their withdrawal can turn into a rout and importantly “They know it”.

Unfortunately the above mentioned is not transpired on our media, indeed that’s part of the strategy given by their MASTERS (46 million dollars are certainly worth doing this worthless act of treachery). The proven fact is that in a country like Pakistan, media cannot be trusted as true reflection of mass desire, courtesy Mr. Dollar. On one hand, US is not ready to apologize for our 24 braves who were ruthlessly killed by US led NATO forces but on the other side, it is more than astonishing to see some shameless advertisements on all private media channels with a common phrase USAID from American people to Pakistani people to build Pakistan (Typical American). These advertisements started appearing on FM channels first but are now frequently visible on our so called free media.  Truly speaking it’s more than a shameful act by our media tycoons who are extremely busy in making money while emotionally killing citizens of Pakistan. If Americans are so anxious to help Pakistan, in principle, they must first apologize for their brutal act against their own allies on Salala check post. This private Army of our media cannot fight this media war against Pakistan as they are nothing but bunch of greedy, dishonest and disloyal people working on foreign agenda.

In contrast to what all happening on electronic and print media, Social media has by and large truly and loudly expressed the true Pakistani opinion against American egotism.

The situation of Pak-US relations can easily be summed up (in the backdrop of Non NATO Ally) with this sentence “He’s such a big gun in the office; they’re planning to fire him! It’s about time for Pakistan to stand on principles, there is no such suggestion to be at war against NATO but an opportunity given by the sacrifice of our 24 valiant soldiers, who had risen to the occasion, wants to see Pakistan rising with grace and honour, definitely from heavens.

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