GEO-Political Drama: The Third Act

GBy Sohail Parwaz

More or less a decade back, when one evening after the day’s hassle I was doing the habitual net surfing that I came across a website named, ‘The petition on line’. The title sounded interesting to me so I opened the site and found yet another page where I found a tall list of frustrations of people, mostly with pseudo names. The petition on that page was by a scoundrel named Jamal Uddin who initiated a discussion under the title, “Divide Pakistan to eliminate terrorism”. It was highly venomous and anti-Pakistan. I consider that write-up as the emotional act of some disgruntled young man. However, it was quite heartening to see the follow-up comments by a large number of patriotic Pakistanis who literally took that idiot to task. Most of them did not have any regard for ethics. So much so that there were the remarks by an angry and emotional patriot who paid him some ‘bold vernacular’ compliments and disclosed to him that he was living in the same city that Jamal Uddin had mentioned in the blog. In fact, he challenged the identity of the initiator. Eventually, with the passage of time I forgot about that site and the man.

About seven years back, I was going through some newspapers when I came across a news item about CNN’s airing an anti-Pakistan advertisement with the title: ‘Divide Pakistan’. The story reminded me of Jamal Uddin whom I had almost deleted from the temporary folders of my mental PC, but the cookies refreshed his name and I found that the rascal is still alive. There was a mention of the website which I decided spontaneously to visit. It was: The site was nothing but a web page carrying filth and trash. It was news to me that this mysterious person has moved to France from Lagos, Nigeria. Soon the website met its fate and so did Jamal Uddin Syed, who was running from pillar to post to avoid litigation and police investigations by a couple of police departments.

The guy claimed to be a chartered accountant but he loved to poke his nose in political affairs and had an ache for suggesting the geographical designs of any country (especially Pakistan) to resolve the geo-political crisis. He was the one who paid for an anti-Pakistan advertisement being televised on CNN for almost two weeks and had also written a book [sic] titled, Divide Pakistan to eliminate terrorism. We were talking of that advertisement (or appeal) of 30 seconds duration about breaking Pakistan for which the Johnny, if I am not wrong, paid nothing less than $ 25,000 per spot.

Well, he must have spent this huge amount for some interest. A patriot or pro-Pakistani he was certainly not. What interest did he have, then?

Dear readers! Keep your right hand across the chest and tell me honestly that what interest he had in being persistent to divide this sacred motherland of ours which I am sure must have borne the burden of this skunk, who does not own it any more. I am sure that he was not more important or imperative than Benazir Bhutto that he was forced to leave Pakistan, then why he desperately publicized a malicious idea? I do not know why his determination reminds me of the proposed map of Pakistan which was published a couple of years back in an American journal and I do not hesitate in affirming that I smell the same hand behind the fresh move (Jamal episode). Why can’t it be the brainchild of the same notorious agency of the world which is accused of once running a mind-control investigative programme – for techniques used by the Nazi scientists to wipe out the existing personalities of the victims – code-named ‘MAKULTRA’, in the US and Canada in the 1950s and 60s? Not only that, the agency is also believed to have backed a coup d’état against Indonesia’s President Abdul Rahim Sukarno in 1958, despite the fact that other US government elements were backing the president.

Though the overthrow failed when the CIA agent Allen Lawrence Pope was captured after his plane was shot down by the Indonesian Air Force, the agency settled the score in 1965 by secretly supporting Suharto and supplying his troops with a state-of-the-art field communications network, delivered from the Philippines at night by the US Air Force, whose frequencies were known only to the agency and the National Security Agency. The agency’s dirty games in Cuba, Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq are also part of history now that no one can refute. As it is the talk of the town that the US is tightening its noose around Pakistan, one can understand the intentions of the agency and also that of Jamal Uddin, who was never a lone-crusader of this demonic and evil campaign, to malign and (God forbid) obliterate Pakistan.

Dear friends! Muck doesn’t stop here. The third and crucial act of the play has already started about a couple of years back. Pulling out Musharraf, bringing in Zardari and then peacefully exfiltrating him out of the filthy political system after 5 rowdy years just to bring in Nawaz Sharif, says all. Those who are good at deciphering a message between the lines knows well that what is going on in and with this land of pure.

The recent move is exploiting the heinous crime of Hamid Mir’s murder attempt which was widely condemned by every walk of life. However the most mysterious part was alleging the armed forces and the ISI for the attack, by Mir’s employer Jang group and their mouthpiece GEO, who, within no time alleged, investigated and blamed ISI for it and issued a prompt verdict. Since last couple of weeks a careful and calculated character assassination of the defenders is being done and amidst this the dangerous silence by the government in this regard is adding fuel to the fire. This new kind of ‘GEO-Political’ crisis and PMLN’s adamant indifferent approach to the problem can take it to the point of no return from where the people of Pakistan may have to give their decision.

Pakistan has been an unfortunate state but believe me its people are doubtlessly very courageous, patriotic and, by the way, unpredictable. One should not take them for granted. Over the dead bodies they achieved it and over the dead bodies they are going to lose it. As I said, these sons of the soil are spontaneous so please do not take my words as those of a loudmouth gossip. They love Pakistan, that’s why they are living here. People like Jamal or groups like GEO, who have temporary interests and have no love for this holy motherland, usually become a part of horrible history soon.

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