How we made Pakistan

How we made PakistanPosted by Javed Iqbal 

Pakistan is the acronym of Persian word “Pak” which means pure and “Istaan” which means territory. Hence, Pakistan can be categorically defined as land of pure people. Before leading the topic towards present scenario, history of Pakistan should be given a focused view.
Basically, Pakistan did not get independence on 14th of August 1947 rather it was made independent in the skies by the lord of heavens, earth, and all universes on 712 A.D when Muhammad Bin Qasim for the very first time hoisted flag of Islam in Sindh and planted roots of Islam in Subcontinent which immediately grew up after Hindhi-Urdu controversy in post war of independence (1857) period. Though, it took time for Pakistan to be officially independent yet it came into being on 27th of Ramzan considered as Lailatul Qadar a night better than thousands of nights on 14th of August 1947.
During the course of independence struggle, our Muslim brothers burnt their all boats to make possible an independent sovereign state yet it’s worth mentioning that Education played pivotal role in the whole struggle. Coming back to the roots that were planted in our soil by Muhammad Bin Qasim that why they took a number of centuries to be grown.
Although, during this time course many rulers ruled the masses yet their part can never be considered as independence struggle cause they all were practicing the nefarious designs of Hizbu Shiyateen ( party of Ibless). Few of them went to such extent that Islam should be mixture of all religions and termed it as Deen e Ilahi. Though, their motive of mixing Islam with other religions was completely political yet they were unsuccessful in their plans. In surah Al-Imran Ayat no 3:54 Allah says:” And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners”.
Allah punished all those rulers who misused his religion for their personal vested interests and most of the sufferers were Mughals. Not only He punished them but also brought changes in polluted Muslim societies which were affected by Mughals and other rulers through “Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi , Shah Waliullah and other Sufis. It appears as Allah went on cleaning this land (Pakistan) to make it the Land of Hezbollah (Party of Allah). And, during all these happenings, a number of wars also took place between Muslims and Infidels.
The most prominent among those wars was “War of Independence” for which Muslims were declared responsible for the carnage and mutiny. In the post war period, Prophet of Education; Sir Syed Ahmed Khan emerged as a glimmer of hope for the Muslims.
Though, he was like a drop of water in the drought yet many Muslims started pointing on their fingers over the credibility of Sir Syed. They went to such extent that they declared him through Fatwas as Kafir (Infidel). Reason of their in depth loathe was mainly to not regain lost glory of education. They were of the view that Sir Syed wanted them to be like English but they did not understand the depth of his emphasis that it was not of English’s education but of Muslims. And, a few decades later “Allama Iqbal” endorsed the same views in his poetry. It goes without saying that “Sir Syed” was the next gardener of the plant that had been planted by Muhammad Bin Qasim. Sir Syed asked Muslims who were in the grip of chaos to acquire education.
He knew that if Muslims would dedicate their head and heart towards politics their growth and separate state dream would be unachievable. That is the same we notice in the divine instruction. Allah says 857 times in Quran to get education more than salaat and zakat.
It is also worth mentioning that Allah himself chose education to guide his people however he revealed four different sacred books to different Prophets. To continue with post war period, though Sir Syed was neglected by many Mullahs yet he was helped by Allah to complete his mission of creating a separate Muslim state.
Since, he disallowed Muslims to take part in politics even after the creation of “Congress” yet he himself politically declared in his two nation theory that Muslims and Hindus have different religion and culture thus they could not exist together. Moulana Abdul Haque has rightly said that “First stone of Pakistan was laid down by Sir Syed” During his time of struggle, Allah had already sent down his other soldiers to make possible a separate Muslim state and a few of those soldiers were Quaid e Azam, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Moulana Muhammad Ali johar, Moulana Shaukat Ali, Hasrat Mouhani, Salimullah Khan,Wiqarul Mulk ,Mohsinul Mulk etc. All these leaders contributed their best in pre-independence struggle period and most of them were either disciples of Sir Syed or his students. Since, role of Congress was getting influential Muslims thought that they should also have a political party through which their genuine demands could be heard by the ruler.
Hence, Politically, Pakistan came into existence on 1906 when Muslim League was formed. Today, the same Pakistan which had been made independent after a long struggle, is in the grip of chaos. It is in the dire need of the same spirit which liberated it from shackles of Hindus and British.
To make it a New Pakistan, it is necessary to revive the lost glory.(Waqar Abro)

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