KP government need to take a decisive policy on terrorism

KP government need to take a decisive policy on terrorismPosted by Javed Iqbal
We are seeing a new round of terrorist’s violence. Either the government has no capability to stop this violence or it does not solve this issue at all. Bloodshed continues to flow in the streets, mosques, and other places even at funerals. Terrorists are successfully creating a sense of fear everywhere through their activities.
It seems a complete failure on part of provincial apparatus to get matter under control. The government should now put a comprehensive and decisive policy to deal with terrorism.

Because of terrorist activities our province particularly suffered human loses, economic and infrastructural loses. The people of Pakhtoonkhwa are facing fear and funk and feel themselves insecure due to current situation in the province.
This point is also observed that government of KPK is not taking any action in this regard which is very dangerous, even they are not ready to condemn such activities and our heaven like Pakhtoonkhwa is on fire.

In past the previous government used all possible means to stop the violence and other terrorist’s activities. They negotiated with the terrorists and when they continued their violence, government declared war against terrorism and conducted operations in affected areas while the sitting government is taking no such measures to stop the terrorism and they are hurting the feelings of general masses. The present government appears not interested in making any extensive policy against terrorism. They are blaming Federal government which is totally baseless.

The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Mr. Pervaiz khattak is making allegations against police department declaring them as corrupt and wants to reform the “THANNA CULTURE” while on major issue he is taking no positive actions, on the other hand police department invited him to address and make any policy to stop and engrave terrorism.

By this our police officials and intelligence agencies have been discouraged so they failed to enforce laws for such activities, as a result many people die by terrorist attacks, particularly they are targeting security forces.
Our chief minister of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa overlooks the situations because personally he is safe and sound while other people bear human and economic loses.
The present government if prefers parleys (negotiation) they can not change mindset of Taliban, al-Qaeda and other groups attempting to impose their own commands.
So the present government needs a decisive policy against terrorism in the province. It is the biggest challenge for the sitting government and to insure human dignity and security in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

They should make a hormonal and peaceful environment in province based on justice and according to law; otherwise the people will consider sitting government as companion of Taliban and extremists while not showing any kind of movement and being silent on current issue. They will face embarrassing situation from public if they remain so.(Muhammad Salal Khan)

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