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What an achievement and progress that hard earned freedom from the yoke of British imperialism and Hindu domination is once again at stake after 64 years of our existence. National perspective stands blurred and successive governments have brought the nation to an edge of an abyss. The vision of the father of nation and sacrifices of millions of    devoted and innocent men, women and children have been thrown to the winds by inept rulers. Country, in all segments of life gives a dismal picture. Society has been clearly divided in two groups———- “have and have nots” a sign of good governance!  Self aggrandizement, lust for power and money, verbosity and self righteousness have blinded the rulers about the magnitude of the problems of masses, In pursuit of their vulgar sentiments the intellect is missing from the process of governance. Democracy is the farce slogan and family empires are being built of corrupt children walking in the footsteps of the parents. Family mafias are ruling the country with no fear of retribution or accountability from any quarter. Systems are crumbling down and individuals are above law. Autocracy is active under the cover and protection of so called democracy. History is replete with incidents of uncouth rulers falling head down from the planks of power. Humanity’s failure is not to learn lessons from the grim realities of circumstances and walk blind folded towards disasters. The situation is so grave that even a glimmer of hope is fast fading.  The rallying points for achieving national cohesion are being relegated to back benches. There are no takers or supporters, if any only a few, for the grim tragedy of brave soldiers and civilians buried under snow for over a month. Blame game of political leaders, accusations and counter accusations occupy most of the time of electronic media and pages of newspaper. The tried and tested corrupt faces are busy day in and day out churning out political non sense and lectures on morality. A few ladies have also found an opportunity to show their ward robes and indulge in talking brawls with men having opposing views of political nature.

It may sound offensive to pseudo intellectuals and so called analysts that very little effort has been made to offer sympathy, solace an sharing the hardship feelings of the families who are going through enormous pains about their dear ones lying under the avalanche of snow at Gayari. Is present political mayhem more important than this national tragic incident? It is not a memo gate involving the comic characters or Tsunami slogan that is a sign of destruction and not construction; to create an emotional upheaval in the country is all that our political leaders are busy doing these days. They should have eulogized a noble scarifies of life for upholding the dignity and security of the country by the silent brave and patient families going through the agony. Kudus for General Ishafaq Kianai who has resolved to recover the body of brave bunch of soldiers, no matter what effort is needed to honour the comrades for their descent last rites. Salutation to the families who have exhibited the finest qualities of patience and accepted the will of Allah with grace. It was rightly hoped by patriotic elements of the country that politicians from the lines of divide should have used this event to create atmosphere of National unity but there are stray stupid voices suggesting that efforts to recover the bodies be stopped as it was an act of providence. It is a pity that our leaders can show enthusiasm to create issues of disunity but fail to capture the opportunity of finer moments of life where national cohesion can be achieved. It seems they are too busy creating new provinces on the basic of linguistic differences.  As a senior citizen, I have the right to ask politicians why no solemn occasion was held by any political party to pray and high light this incident. Mammoth rallies have been held by political parties without mentioning the importance of this national event. Woe! For lack of descent thoughts and action of the leaders.


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