Memo Case Exposes Real Faces

By Zaheerul Hassan

Whether, Hussani Haqqani and its nominated law counsel wins or not but “memo case” has uncovered the real faces of many anchors, journalists and politicians. The head of the Haqqani’s counsel “Asma Jahangir” who always claimed as human rights activist now refused to continue acting as counsel of Haqqani after losing the case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. While expressing reservation on the commission formed and said that she did not trust the commission she also alleged that the Supreme Court judges were under the establishment’s influence and decision was one sided. She declared the decision of that court biased for which she used to raise the voice during “Lawyer Movement”. She started propaganda against Lt General Shuja Pasha, DG ISI and Armed forces instead of believing the supremacy of rule of law. During last two days, she has been given deliberate chance of bursting out against very vital organs of country. In this connection she openly criticized judges of Supreme Court, Armed Forces and ISI in an interviewed with Matiullah Jan and in the programme of Hamid Mir. She also claimed in the said interview with “The Dawn News Channel’ that Haqqani feared, the powerful spy agencies may force him into giving a statement. This fear was the reason behind the former ambassador’s stay at the prime minister’s house, she said.
Again on January 4, 2012, her client Haqqani, repeated the same story of fearsome in an interview with “The Telegraph”. Former U.S ambassador expressed that he will be murdered if he leaves his sanctuary in the official residence of the country’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. He also that he has been branded a ‘traitor’ and a ‘Washington lackey’ by ‘powerful quarters’ – a reference to the country’s powerful ISI intelligence agency – and that he now fears he will be murdered like his friend, the late governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, who was shot dead by one of his own security guards last year after being branded a ‘blasphemer.’
He categorically claimed that the president and prime minister are firmly standing behind me and the government is not going anywhere. This is psychological warfare against the government.
Anyhow, above narrated three paragraphs of this article indicates that Asma Jahangir , journalist like Hamid Mir and Matiullah Jan have made a deliberate attempt to defame Supreme Courts of Pakistan, DG ISI Gen Pasha, and Armed forces. The interview with Telegraph again confirms that it was a coordinated move of next episode of same drama of proving Haqqani as innocence. The drama has been prepared, produced and played by the direction of the mentors of Haqqani. The past track of Asma Jahangir, Hamid Mir and Matiullah Jan does reveal some similarities in them. For examples, they are quite outspoken and always carried out baseless criticism on security forces, characters and supporters of “Aman kee asha Special”.
It is also on record that when the Swat and Malakand military operations were launched, the vile propaganda has included a number of other false dimensions such as exploiting the emotional state of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS), showing interviews of the innocent persons in which their tales of suffering were exaggerated projecting self-created images of scattered dead bodies, collective graves and stories of burying without Islamic rituals.
Besides other international organizations, in the recent past, even Pakistan Army had sent many trucks of rations and bedding to the IDPs at Mingora and other concerned regions. Our defence forces also donated a part of its daily ration to these suffering people, while deploying its medical resources in all the concerned camps. Pak Army also managed the evacuation of civilians from the war-zones, using all available resources. For this purpose, Special Support Group with more than 100 buses and many trucks facilitated moving out of the IDPs, trapped in the operation areas. For that aim, helicopters were used to lift civilians.
It is of particular attention that some of our writers, commentators and NGOs are definitely financed by external enemies which are trying to destabilise Pakistan. Ignoring the sacrifices of Pak Army, their propaganda campaign against our armed forces is part of a conspiracy against Pakistan. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), under the chairpersonship of Asma Jehangir, used to express the HRCP’s grave concern on such a worrying development…over numerous extrajudicial killings carried out by the security forces.” But on the other and she never criticise India for brutality in Kashmir. She never raised the voice for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Ms. Asma Jehangir and her team never tried to speak out against their western and American masters. Recently in New York allegedly an African Christian threw burning petrol bottles at a renowned Islamic cultural center, a small convenience store and at private homes, including one that serves as a Hindu temple but no comments has been noticed from so called activists and her team. Moreover, from time to time, a number of students have been shot in various American universities, but no statement of Asma Jehangir ever in this regard has come up in the papers. And why there is no detailed statement against American forces, CIA and FBI which have so far killed a number of innocent Muslims entailing Pakistanis at various detention centres under the pretext of war against terrorism. The answer is that their funding from abroad would be stopped. They would remain against that circle which will try to expose their true faces. President Zardari and Prime Minister Gillani should facilitate the commission to probe the memo case if they are not involved in the memo case. His interview with a foreign newspaper and alleging country’s Supreme Intelligence Agency while staying in Prime Minister House (PM House) again has raised a big question and needs to be answered by the government.

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