Nobel Prize: Malala Defeated Taliban Ideology

By Zaheerul Hassanmalalayousaf

 The World Youngest 17 years old Pakistani Malala Yousafzai and India’s Kailash Satyarthi have won Nobel Prize -2014 for their work promoting children’s rights of education. At this occasion while awarding the prize The Norwegian Nobel Committee stated that a peaceful global development can only come about if children and the young are respected. She is the second Pakistani to become a Nobel laureate after Abdus Salam who also shared the prize in 1979 with US nominee Steven Weinberg for physics. Malala has been also been nominated last year too and this time selected out of 278 recommended personalities.
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif , Former President  Asif Ali Zardari and  others renowned political elite have congratulated teenage education campaigner Malala Yousafzai on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, calling her the “pride” of his country. In this regard, Nawaz Sharif said Malala is the pride of Pakistan and her achievement is unparalleled and unequalled. Moreover, United Nation (UN) also declared her “Daughter of UN”. Canadian government also gave her honorary citizenship. Similar natures of gestures towards Malala have been shown globally on her wining of Nobel Prize.

On other hand, extremists’ elements like Taliban and their favourites have always tried to undermine the impacts of Malala’s struggle in the society for the children’s education. In fact these radical elements are from those forces that are against girls’ education.  They refused to concede that TTP targeted her head   in 2012 and called even declared her sever injuries part of fabricated drama. Hope it was a great knock back to these conservatives when Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Asim Bajwa revealed in a press briefing the arrest and identification of 10 masterminds behind the attack on Malala and her two class mates.  Many of our pseudo liberal leaders also kept quiet over shooting of innocent girl and did not dare to condemn Taliban. Well it is not the first time they remained numb on TTP’s brutality. It is worth mentioning here that popular leader like Imran Khan, PTI Chief neither gustily condemned Taliban terrorism and nor openly sounded   in favour of Malala while addressing in “Dharana” and public meetings. Imran Khan’s Congratulations to Malala on winning of Nobel Prize through a Tweet and in press conference would be taken as eye wash till time he did not condemn Taliban. Moreover, there are some anchors of electronic channels that are not able to digest the struggle of this innocent girl against Taliban. Such types of media anchors are still busy in defaming the girl while spreading rumors or through negative propaganda. They should be aware that Malala’s nomination was not damaging the image of Pakistan instead it is the Taliban who are doing the part with their wrecked concept of Shria.

 In this context president of All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) President Kashif Mirza took an anti-Malala stance on 16 October and celebrated ‘I am not Malala’ Day and tried to make Malala’s Nobal Prize controversial. Before criticizing innocent Malala, Mr. President, should have carried out her comparisons with girls studying in the school of private sectors.  Mr. Kashif must know that Malala feels proud herself being a Pakistani and always appearing on world forum in Pakistani dress. Here, I would also like to ask Mr. Kashif: “has he ever tried to take steps in lessening the fee and promoting Pakistani culture in private schools.

Critics of Malala should remember her birthday speech on the 9th of October, 2012 in UN. At that occasion, she said, “dear friends, the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends too,” she said in her first major public appearance. “They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed.”
Malala, who said that she was proud to wear a shawl that previously belonged to slain Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, said she had no desire for revenge against the Taliban or any other terrorist group. “I do not even hate the Talib who shot me,” Malala said. “Even if there was a gun in my hand and he stands in front of me, I would not shoot him.”

She said she had learned this attitude from “Muhammad, the prophet of mercy, and Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha.” She said she was also inspired by people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi and Mother Teresa.
Her philosophy was one of non-violence and the “forgiveness I’ve learned from my father and from my mother.”

She said the Taliban were “misusing the name of Islam … for their own personal benefit.”
“The extremists were and they are afraid of books and pens, the power of education frightens them,” Malala said. “They are afraid of women empowerment.
In fact, it’s the mindset which never ever accepts the dominance of women in the society. This mindset favoured Ayub Khan and defeated Fatima Jinnah in 1965 elections. Ayub Khan secured 64% in the said election. Again these extremists element with the support of Osama bin Laden initially financially funded Nawaz Sharif in toppling over Benazir Bhutto and later on killed her on the direction of some foreign forces.

 It is worth mentioning here that Pakistani Security Forces are also fighting against the same the extremists.   The forces have carried out successful operation against those terrorists who were enemies of humanity, enemies of girls’ education, enemies of Islam, enemies of culture, and enemies of Pakistan. According to South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP) till 5 October, 19448 civilians and 19488 security persons have been martyred in war against terrorism from 2003-2014. During this period 28971 terrorists have been killed by the security forces.

In short, sick minded anchors, scholars and promoters of Taliban agenda should know that the world including Pakistani have rejected their ideology  of Taliban .Malala would always be remembered as a brave girl who defeated Taliban’s Ideology and a true follower of our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

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