Political Collision dangerous for Nuclear Pakistan

By Zaheerul Hassan Imran-Khan-Azadi-March

Imran Khan “Azadi Long March and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri “Inqlab Long March” reached in Capital of Pakistan on 15 August 2014. Both the leaders are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, reelection after carrying out   electoral reforms through technology oriented voting system and restructuring the whole political system with the view to enforce   true and real democracy.  In his last speech Imran Khan, Chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has given ultimatum of 48  hours to the government to pack up otherwise mob can breach to  the red zone aiming to capture Prime Minister House and Parliament.
Later on, he also asked his supporters to go for a civil disobedience movement for two days and not pay their bills and taxes until Sharif resigns. He also threatened  that unless their demands are not met within 48 hours, he may lose the control on his ‘tsunami’.
The political circle has surprisingly received this fresh move of PTI Chief since call is amount to revolt against the state. While making this call of disobedience, probably Khan has forgotten that Government of Pakistan had set a revenue target of Rs.2 810bn includes income tax, sales tax, custom duty and other direct and indirect taxes for the fiscal year 2014-15. The government had collected Rs.1950 billion in fiscal year 2012-13. Thus, ultimately government will not likely to meet the expenditures on the pay of civil and military servants.
It is also added here that State bank of Pakistan (SBP) reports reveals rising in domestic debt by 44.2 % in FY14 thus indicating the poor health of economy.   In the first three quarters (July-March) of FY14 the fiscal deficit was entirely met by borrowing from domestic resources. According to the SBP latest quarterly edition of compendium (July 2014) the interest payment on domestic debt would grew by 14.5 % during the first 11 months (July-May) of FY14. Which will increase the domestic debt further to Rs3.258 billion in FY14 has put excess burden on the economy in the shape of interest payment. Therefore, giving such type of call of disobedience can push the country into economic turmoil too.  I would just say that at this stage, Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience showing his immaturity towards practical politics.
Notably, Red zone is the sensitive most area comprises of Diplomatic Enclave, Constitutional Avenue, Supreme Court of Pakistani, Parliament, Presidency, Election Commission and Foreign Office.
The ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif) rejected the demands of   Imran Khan and offered him to come on table for negotiations on the ongoing political crises and issue of rigging in the “Election May 2013”. The second largest majority party Pakistan People’s Party, (PPP), National Awami Party (NAP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan (JI) have also not endorsed the demands of resignation of Prime Minister and dissolving parliaments. They very rightly in considering that Imran Khans’ demands are unconstitutional, undemocratic and amount to inviting third force to intervene.  They categorically stated that demands political crises have to be resolved under the parameters of Constitution of 1973 through political means.
Meanwhile, Siraj ul Haq, head of JI and Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, Opposition leader of PPP has started mediation between ruling elite and PTI. They are busy in cooling down the temperature since political collision could be very dangerous in “Nuclear Pakistan”.
According to independent sources, the leadership of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) failed to bring 20 hundred thousand   people in Islamabad as they claimed before the start of long marches. However, enough gathering is there that can further paralyze the system which ultimately take the country towards polarization, anarchy, derailing of democracy and giving an opportunity  to  anti-state forces to fuel the militancy.
In this regards it’s enough to realize that on 14 August 2014 some terrorists attacked PAF Base Samungli but our brave security forces successfully repulsed the attack by killing all the militants.  In this connection, during their visits, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif were   briefed about the sequence of the operations against the miscreants by Air Commodore Salman Ahsan Bukhari, Base Commander of PAF Base Samungli. At this occasions both the chiefs appreciated the commendable performance of the troops participated in the operation against the militants.  Army Chief also said that terrorists were on the run after Operation Zarb-e-Azb and were making desperate attempts to cause damage to Pakistan. General Sharif: “with the backing of the entire nation we will Inshalla eliminate the scourge of terrorism from our soil forever.”
Anyhow, the political set up particularly PTI should know that toppling over any democratic government through force and uncontrolled mob will also set precedence and provide a chance of repeating the same in future since all major and even minor political parties including radical groups’ elements have the capacity to gather 50 to 60 thousand people and create a political dilemma.
Nevertheless, Pakistan is in the state of war and its security forces are fighting against militancy in “Operation Zerb-e-Azb”. Therefore, the political instability can encourage and provide a chance to radical elements to cause damage to vital organs of Pakistan.
Coming towards the way forward of the solution, all political parties should try to resolve the existing crisis amicably. The mediators should prepare some win-win chance to both the parties.  In this context, some proposals could be; Imran khan and Qadri should forego with the demands of resignation of sitting Prime Minister and dissolving of parliaments, FIR should be register against the responsible individuals in Model Town Lahore firing case, Judicial Commission of Supreme Court should carryout speedy enquiry in rigging cases of election 2013,  Parliamentary Committee should initiate the bill regarding restructuring of country’s Electoral System last but not the least, no undemocratic and above the constitution demands should be accepted either of the party(PML(N),PPP & PTI).

In short, all political parties should develop consensus and show maturity in resolving the issue since political collision between political elite could be dangerous for the democratic system of Nuclear Pakistan.

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