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power of media44By Faheem Belharvi

Power of media has attained an imperative role to play in social, political and economic development of nations in 21st century. It promotes political maturity and removes social and economic disparities. Media has power of shaping opinions and curtailing ideological differences among the various communities by using its unbiased approach and helps in strengthening national integration. Living in globalized world without independent and active media is impossible because information technology has shackled the distances and brought the nations beyond the borders’ restrictions.

However, numerous roles of media always remained questionable because of its positivity and negativity in perception management. Sometimes it promotes peace and at times becomes the cause of conflict due to biased approach of some journalist or group of media. Here, we can take the examples of super powers those are using media tool for exploitation of weaknesses of opponent countries. During World War II media had been used a tool of propaganda which played a glaring role in grouping of blocks and spreading rumors.

In this regard divorce between Russia and German has happened because of military journalism which resulted into bringing UK, U.S and Soviet Union on same track and ultimately it   paved the path of victory of allied nations.

Currently, world renowned media groups are being controlled by global powers. These media groups are promoting specific agenda of their investors.  Specifically Muslim Ummah emerged as major sufferer of today’s biased western media and same happened against Pakistan.  International media is yelling against peaceful Pakistani nuclear programme but ignoring Indian and Israeli arms races.

In 2008 on occurrence of Bombay tragedy,   Pakistani media played a very positive and constructive role, in avoidance of war between two nuclear states of South Asia. On the other hand Indian media never spared Pakistan in molesting her global terrorist activities.  Indian media always ignored its domestic concerns, like Maoists, Sikhs, kasmiris and Christian rights but remained active against bordering countries Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Presently, we must incorporate liberalism in fascination of mass communication while ignoring obsessive and narrowness approach. It will assist in creating harmony between all segments of the society and promote positivity.  Prevailing hatred in various sects can be removed while negating differences though media in Pakistan.

Noam Chomsky in his famous article – Top 10 Media Manipulation Strategies has rightly said, “Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance. Keep the public busy, busy, busy, no time to think, back to farm and other animals”.  Truly, speaking some media pundits are using this industry as a business entity while proliferating the themes of their own choices instead showing true pictures  and  touching real issues of the society.

The journalists need to be trained and educated in this era of information since clear awareness is the only approach which   shapes the opinion that ultimately becomes the cause of selection of right choices in every field of the life.In Pakistan case media is passing through the evaluation phase. It is being taken as   one of the main pillar of the state.  The media played a very vital role in strengthening democratic process while arranging healthy discussions regarding political and other issues on electronic and print media. It educates the public about the utility and importance of the casting of the right of vote, which will definitely be reflected in the coming elections of 2013.

In short, the immense power and unlimited potential of the media can be proved improved upon further if media mangers should keep the country interest on forefront and discourage the yellow journalism.

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