Priyanka Chopra being condemned her dress up

priyanka-bigThe serious and religious circle of Hindu organizations Shiva Sheena objected Priyanka Chopra see through dress. The extremists Hindu organization gave ultimatum to stop  spread vulgarity. It is the first time in the history that Shiva Sheena gave such type of threat to any Hindu star.

Wearing a Zadig et Voltaire dress with necklace from Viange and McQueen pumps, Priyanka attended the recent Colors TV do. Straight hair and red lip finished out her look. Neck up, we loved her to bits, but neck below, she was a big disappointment. The fabric of her dress just didn’t work under those harsh camera flashes. Even with that pretty face, it was hard to get past that faux pas.

Sometimes, I wonder, how can someone like Priyanka, who has spent more than a decade in showbiz — and works with a stylist to boot — make such a rookie mistake?

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