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Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon wrote in 2007 on ‘Air India 182 Explosion by the Indian administration, its employees, hired hands, etc. on 23rd June, 1985; Professor Gurtej Singh writes

Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon wrote in 2007
on ‘Air India 182 Explosion by the Indian administration,

India alleged Canadian Sikh for placing bomb in Air India – RAW Operation

its employees, hired hands, etc. on 23rd June, 1985;
Professor Gurtej Singh writes

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Council of Khalistan ^ | 9th May, 2007 | Dr. Awatar Singh Sekhon, Ph.D.
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THE SIKH EDUCATIONAL TRUST Box 60246 University of Alberta Postal Outlet EDMONTON, AB T6G 2S5 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SIKH AFFAIRS (An official organ of The Sikh Educational Trust) The Editor Letters to The Edmonton Journal and Letters, The National Post Canada 9th May, 2007
Dear Sir,
My writing to you relates with some minor and major comments related to the subject, and also on “Air India’s Shared Tragedy Lost in the ‘SILOS’ between two nations by George Abraham (The Edmonton Journal, 8th May, 2007).”
I would like to comment on Abraham’s writing “Prime Minister (Brian) Mulroney had telephoned his condolences to his Indian counterpart, Rajiv Gandhi – an act that was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of who, exactly, had been victimized, and who, in fact, was to blame.” Mr. Abraham seems to be in the grip of part of the problem. As a Canadian national and belonging to the Canadian Sikh community, it appears to me that ‘telephoning to the prime minister of a country, which had betrayed Canada and the international community in 1974 (explosion of a nuclear device prepared from the by-product of a Candu reactor technology for peaceful and medical purposes) by the Right Hon. Prime Minister of Canada’ was far more important than about 90% of the Canadian passengers of the ill-fated aircraft. It, certainly, is new information that has come out in Justice Major’s enquiry. What a pity our Canadian prime minister, who put Rajiv Gandhi first rather than thinking and offering his condolences to the Canadian Sikhs and the victimized families. This act of Prime Minister Mulroney will never be forgotten by the Canadian Sikhs. Earlier, his predecessor, Charles Joseph Clark, had said to the journalists that “if you want more information about Sikhs, go and call these numbers (of the Indian Consulate Toronto and High Commission in Ottawa).” What an unacceptable act of the prime minister, who hands out the telephone numbers of a foreign mission to get information about Canadian Sikhs. Should we, the Canadian Sikhs who have been in Canada over a century, imply that our Canadian administration has no idea of its Sikh Canadians; or, a foreign mission in Canada has more information about the Canadian Sikhs, especially when the Indian Constitution 1950, Article 25, has eliminated the ‘Sikh Identity and Sikh Faith’. The latter is one of the six major faiths of our world.
Does George Abraham know that Mani Shanker Iyer, an Indian diplomat, said, “In early 1984, to the hearing of all, mentioned that at the instance of Indira Gandhi, he was given an unpleasant job of portraying Sikhs as terrorists.” A few days later, Iyer stated that, “against his wishes he had done the job?” This was before “Operation Bluestar, the orders for which had been delivered in January 1984” (The Sikh Bulletin, October-November 2005, p. 11;
Based on the two previous enquiries and the present one which is going on, it appears to me that nothing extraordinary will come from these enquiries, because the major things which might yield substantial information and which might reveal the real cause of the ‘Air India Explosion of Flight 182’ will never find a place in the enquiry that is going on. Some of the points that, as I believe, have not been discussed so far, are summarized below:
1. Why Mr. Zuhaire Kashmeri and Mr. Brian McAndrew, two Canadian journalists, who gave their views in their title, Soft Target India’s Intelligence Service and its Role in The Air India Disaster 1989 first ed. and 2005 second ed. ISBN 10:1-55028-904-7 and 13: 978-1-55028-904-6, have not been called to testify before the enquiry commission?
2. Why Hon David Kilgour, former member of parliament, Speaker of the House of Commons, former Secretary of State for Asia and Africa, and the author of the title BETRAYAL THE SPY CANADA ABANDONED 1994 Prentice Hall Canada Inc., Scarborough, ON ISBN0-13-325697-9, the title that contained Chapter 9 and 10, A Bizarre Episode in Rome and A Battle For Canada, pp.129-163, has not been asked to testify? Hon Kilgour writes “One day, while reading a German newspaper, I spotted the photograph and description of a wanted terrorist. I would have known that face anywhere. It was the man who had conducted the meeting in Rome, plotting to bomb some Air India flight. I was quite positive it was him; his name was Udo ulbrecht or Albrecht, wanted for many terrorist attacks and kidnappings in West Germany and Western Europe. I was upset by the whole thing and decided I wanted out of West Germany as soon as I had done my time.” In Hon Kilgour’s title, he further writes “He was greeted in English, heavily accented with German, and led into a larger room where a number of men were already seated and smoking. There were two Sikhs wearing traditional turbans, another pair who looked Italian, Paszkowski and the German, who chaired and greeted them in English as all of them spoke the language with differing levels of fluency. The German spoke of the need for international co-operation and how important the mission was for each of their respective governments. He stressed that the group must work closely together. “some of the tasks,” he said, “might appear strange or even incomprehensible to you. Don’t worry about that. Let it be the concern of those who sent you here. Your role is to carry out orders to the letter without asking questions. “Everyone sat quietly and listened intently. “The job at hand is, with the use of explosives, to blow up an Air India plane in Europe. Lives will be lost but we must not think about it…Each of you will be supplied with documents allowing you to move freely in Europe, weapons, explosives, money and detailed instructions. I will meet with each of you personally to supply you with all these. Wait for me and be prepared for action at any time.”
3. Under the guise of ‘Democracy’, the Indian administrations of post-15th of August, 1947 era (JL Nehru to Manmohan Sinh) and before becoming the political masters of the British Empire later known as the British India Empire, the Brahmins/Hindus (neither a religion nor a culture; see Dalit Voice, Dalit Sahitya Akademy, Bangalore, and other Sikh and non-Sikh academics), betrayed the international community and the Sikhs of Punjab, now the State of Punjab (under the occupation of the alleged Indian democracy, since the 15th of August, 1947). It must be noted that the Sikh Raj of monarch Ranjit Singh, 1799 to 14th March, 1849, was the first Secular and Sovereign country of South Asia. The Sikhs lost to the British Empire’s forces led by General Gilbert on the 14th of March, 1849. As such, the “Struggle To Regain Their Lost Sovereignty, Independence and Political Power of the Sikhs began, by peaceful means taught by their 10 Masters/Gurus (from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh ji) right on the day they lost to the British Empire’s forces.” The new territory of the British Empire remained ‘status less’ but on the 29th of March, 1849, the British agent made a proclamation that the newly conquered ‘Sikh Raj’ is “annexed” but not “amalgamated” to the British Empire for the ‘administration purpose only’. It should be noted that the status of the Sovereign and Secular Sikh Raj of Monarch Ranjit Singh remained as “annexed” territory and ‘not’ the part of India under British Empire or the time British exit from India on the 15th of August, 1947. It should also be noted that there did not exist the word ‘India’ in any dictionary or Encyclopedia of the English language until the British agent made the annexation of The Sikh Raj to the British Empire on the 29th of March, 1849. As such, the existence of the ‘Indian nationality’ until the 29th of March, 1849, was out of question. The Sikhs were ‘never’ Indian nationals, as evident from the Indian Constitution 1950, Article 25. The Constitution which Sikhs’ elected representatives ‘rejected’ in its draft and final forms in the Indian parliament in 1948, the 26th of November, 1949, 1950 and more recently on the 6th of September, 1966. The Canadian news media, along with the international news media and major democratic administrations like the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, etc., never paid any attention on the “Sikhs’ Struggle for Independence” for the reason only known to themselves. Volumes of books and tens of tons news dispatches have been made by the journalists virtually ‘devoid’ of the Sikhs’ Struggle for Sovereignty and Sikhs’ status in the Indian Constitution 1950, Article 25, which proclaimed the alleged Indian state as the Republic of India.
Under the umbrella of democracy (or Brahmins autocracy), India has killed more than 2.3 to 3.2 million Sikhs; over 500,000 Muslims in general; more than 100,000 Muslims of the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir; over 300,000 Christians; tens of thousands of Dalits; 15,000 Tamils, thousands of Assamese and other non-Brahmin, non-Hindu minorities, since 15th August, 1947. What kind of democracy in India is which kills its own citizens? There are other democracies in our world, like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and others. Has anyone of these countries killed its own citizen(s)? How many Brahmins, Hindus or pro-Brahmins India and its armed forces killed since its inception?
I would like to hear from the journalists like Madam Kim Bolan on the genocides of the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Kashmiris and other non-Brahmin and non-Hindu minorities carried out by the Indian democracy? Does she have any information or has she written even a single word on India carrying out genocides of non-Brahmin and non-Hindus since the 15th of August, 1947? Or, else she loves writing against the Sikhs.
For Madam Kim Bolan and her national and international colleagues written specifically or generally on the ‘fake high jacking’ carried out by the RAW of India (they must examine the archives of the All India Radio, if they pretend to be unaware of the activities of the Indian personnel of RAW and other agencies).
The author was wondering if Madam Kim Bolan and her journalistic colleagues know that the ‘first high jacking’ of South Asia’ was carried out by two ‘Brahmin’ brothers (the Pandey brothers), to secure the release of their Congress leader Indira Gandhi from a jail. Indira Gandhi awarded them, the Brahmins, with her Congress’ nominations to the U P Legislative Assembly. These criminals were made the ‘law makers’. When criminals are made the law makers intentionally, then what could be expected in a democratic country, so to speak?
Madam Kim Bolan and other journalists must read Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California’s remarks appeared in the United States Congressional Records of the House of Representatives that “For the Sikhs, Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindu minorities, India might as well be a Nazi Germany.”
4. A community, which is less than 15% of the total population of India, i. e., the Brahmins, Hindus and pro-Brahmins (3+12=15%), deceived and betrayed the Sikhs of the Sikh Raj of monarch Ranjit Singh, robbed them from their land (partitioned on the 15th of August, 1947) in the day light, along with the Sovereign people of the states like Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, Faridkot (now in Punjab), Bikaner (now in Rajasthan), Dalits (who are still used to remove the human waste from the households and public places of India), Adivaasis, etc.
5. The journalists and writers like Kim Bolan, George Abraham, Martin Collacott, Ian Mulgrew, Bharti Mukeherjee, Clark Blaise, Bill Moyer, etc., are virtually devoid of the ‘Sikhs’ history from the Sikhs’ point of view’. They are known as staunchly anti-Sikh writers and do not get along with the Canadian and/or American Sikhs, simply because they are ‘devoid’ of the Sikh history. Indeed, they are well known anti-Sikh writers. Why are they anti-Sikhs and write against the Sikhs, it is only known to them. They cannot exonerate themselves from the ‘anti-Sikh’ renowned journalists or writers for the reasons only known to them.
6. Madam Kim Bolan and other Canadian journalists, with the exception of well respected Zuhaire Kashmeri and Brian McAndrew, never understood the Canadian Sikh psyche. Why is it so? Only Madam Kim Bolan, other journalists and one Narula of the Asia Watch may explain their position, if they so desire.
7. It goes without doubt that Indian intelligence penetrated Canada in 1980s. This was done to provide cover for the Indian administration’s intended ‘attack on the Sikhs’ Darbar Sahib Complex (mistakenly known as the Golden Temple Complex), which includes the Supreme Seat of Sikh Polity, The Akal Takht Sahib, Amritsar, in the name of a brutal Indian military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984. This was not only an ‘undeclared’ war on the Sikh Nation, Punjab, but it was carried out to ‘Exterminate The Sikh Identity and The Sikh Faith’. One may ask the question did Indian administration succeed? The answer is ‘No’; it failed miserably. Their penetration made the life of the Sikhs of Canada no less than a hell. Did anybody, especially the Canadian journalists, with two exceptions, pay any attention to Sikh nationals of Canada? Every Sikh, who is the follower of the Sikh religion, believes in the Canadian way of life, Canadian law, Canadian policy of multiculturalism provided by the administration of the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Canadian values. Whereas, the Indian administration deliberately made the Sikhs as ‘terrorists’; on the 10th of October, 1947, just 7-weeks post of the 15th of August, 1947; the Indian administration of JL Nehru and VB Patel and their man, Chandulal Trivedi in Punjab ‘declared’ the Sikhs as lawless people” in a secret memo. The writer is citing only a few major points out of numerous.
8. Considering the penetration of Indian intelligence in 1980s, not only the RAW personnel (Research and Analysis Wing), but the Indian administration made use of Sikhs, especially Akalis like Gurcharan Singh Tohra, Harchand Longowal, Balwant Ramoowalia, Prakash Singh Badal, Balwant Singh, Dr Jagjit Singh Chohan (now deceased), Maj-Gen Jaswant Bhullar, M S Sidhu, Didar Singh Bains of the United States, Prabhu Dayal Singh, Harjinderpal Singh Nagra and Akalis (correspondence between R K Dhawan of 1, Safdarjang Road, New Delhi; the 30th of January – April 25, 1984; please see Chakravyuh Web of Indian Secularism by Gurtej Singh 2000 ISBN81-85815-14-3).
When democratic administrations employ their ‘state intelligence’ against their own citizens, then what is the guarantee that any individual or state appointed commission will find a way to deliver its ‘just’ judgement?
I could write more but I should conclude my writing by elaborating that (i) the Indian missions’ employees/intelligence workers, who have since been declared persona nongrata or left Canada should be summoned back by the commission to question them. I have my doubts that the ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ may play its stumbling block’s role and nothing constructive will come out from any commission; (ii) the Indian administrations’ notoriousness is responsible for the Air India disaster of 1985; (iii) in fact, there should be an International Commission to explore and examine the terrorism, persecution, atrocities, human rights violations, and genocides committed by the democratic India. I am of the opinion that Sirdar Gurtej Singh, IAS & IPS (formerly), Professor of Sikhism and Editorial Advisor of the International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435 may shed much needed light to the Commission of Justice John Major. All in all, Indian administrations have been responsible not only of the Air India Flight 182, but also of other humanitarian problems, such as Manorama of Assam, who was raped by the Indian Armed personnel in Assam (Assam situation discussed at the 5th United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland in March 2007).
Best wishes and warmest regards.
Sincerely, Awatar Singh Sekhon, Ph D, FIBA, RM (CCM) Managing Editor and Acting Editor in Chief
***** Copy to: Right Hon Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada Hon Rona Ambrose, M P, Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs Hon Stephane Dion, Leader, Liberal Party of Canada Hon John Layton, Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada Hon Gurbax S Malhi, M P Hon Michael Ignatieff, M P Hon Ruby Dhalla, M P Hon Rahim Jaffer, M P Mr N. Bains, M P Hon Roy Cullen, M P Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh, President, Council of Khalistan, Washington DC Madam C Beaumier, M P Madam Nina Grewal, M P Professor Gurtej Singh, IAS & IPS (formerly) Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke Janab Usman Khalid, President/Director, London Institute of South Asia Sardar Parmjit Singh Sekhon, President, Dal Khalsa Punjab Alliance USA Sir VT Rajshekar, Editor in Chief, Dalit Voice Dr Charles Graves, Secretary General, Interfaith International Madam Kim Bolan

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