South Asian Peace depends on   Resolving Kashmir issue

by Zaheerul Hassan

According to CNN reports of 29 March 2017 more than 47000 people have been killed in Kashmir, a region in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. India, Pakistan and China all claim partial or complete ownership of Kashmir. But according to UNO resolutions of 1949 and 1951 the fate of Kashmir has to be decided through plebiscite under UN arrangements.  However, India always denied UN resolutions and made efforts to forcefully suppress Kashmir’s demand of plebiscite. Indian state machinery ruthlessly killed thousand or Kashmiris since 1947. Many human rights organizations confirmed that death toll is over 105000, in addition to the injuries as result of direct hitting of shot down of the people who used to carry out protest against the occupied Indian Forces. The global human rights organizations have also condemned the Indian pallet gun firings on young men and women too.  Kashmiris are fighting for their rights since independence of Pakistan. Although, the Line of Control separating Indian- and Pakistani-controlled parts of Kashmir is 435 miles (700 km) long. But the families living both side the Line, have so strong ties that ultimately confirming Pakistani stance of natural annexation of in UN. Kashmiri living around the globe including both sides of Line of Control would observe October 27 as black day as a protest against Indian occupation on the same date of 1947. The day of landing Indian troops on SrInagar Airport to capture the valley against the wishes of inhabitants is remembered as black day of Kashmir history. The back ground of the issue reveals a trade of a civilized country with a cruel local ruler. What a Historical Trade concluded on March 16, 1846 when British Government through Treaty of Amritsar transferred for ever an independent possession of Kashmir to Gulab Singh for his willingness to pay rupees 75 Lac out of the total amount of indemnity demanded by them.Basically the deal was selling of Kashmiri nation along with their mother land in the hand of Gulab Sing. The revealed deal made two nations dagger drawn to each other. It converted South Asian region into nuclear zone which resulted into four wars, coupled with a never ending arms race between the neighbours since 1947.
According to the latest ustodial Killings in various camps and jails were 8,096. Overall 1, 30,491 individuals have been arrested, structural damaged have been done to the property was 1, 35,955. Moreover 25,675 women have been injured and suffered with severe injuries, 2042 women have been gang raped or molested and over 1,52,441 kids have become orphaned.52‘Kashmir Movement” basically started on the day when British have sold their territory. However, in 1931 struggle against Dogra rule came on lime lines when for the first time in the history, Kashmiri people openly opposed the cruelty of the rulers. In same year on July 13, twenty one (21) Kashmiri Muslims faced bullets and were martyred in Srinagar Central Jail. This day is known as Martyr Day of Kashmir and reminding us the blood of liberators.According to the partition plan, Hindustan was supposed to be divided on the religion bases into two major states Pakistan and India. The instruments of agreement relating to the Partition of India, the rulers of princely states were to be given the choice to freely accede to either India or Pakistan. They were also asked to take into account the demographic nature, history, geography and future prospects of their subjects. British’s never respected the rights of Kashmiri people; once again they left them on the mercy of Heri Sing in 1947. The Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Sing went against the will of predominantly Muslim majority and announced annexation of Kashmir with India.
Actually almost 78.9% Muslims, 11.2 % Hindus and 8.6% Buddhas were inhabitants of Kashmir. The annexation of Kashmir with India was resulted due to an under hand deal between India and Lord Mountbatten.Thus, the conspiracy against newly created Islamic state has been started that can be ascertain from these two too facts, firstly, latest changes of partition plan has restricted to Punjab boundaries till Ferozepur , according to initial Plan Floura ( Indian City now ) would have been the boundary line between Pakistan and India . One of the vital purposes of changing the partition plan could be that single land route leading to Kashmir started from Pathan kot should fell into the Indian lap. Second fact could be established from Jagmon’s book “My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir”. In that book he quoted Maharaja Hari Singh’s letter of October 26, 1947 to Lord Mountbatten and latter reply to Maharaja on October 27, 1947. He stated that Maharaja Hari Singh said, “The conditions obtaining at present in my state and the great emergency of situation as it exists”. Hari Singh further reveled that they do not have any option but to ask for help from Indian Dominion”. He further explained that naturally they cannot send the help as asked by the Singh of India. Author of the book “Jagmom” have also expressed that Hari Sing against the will of the Kahsmiri nation had decided to attach the instrument of accession for acceptance and informed to the English rulers.In turn, Lord Mountbatten consented Hari Singh’s request and decided to accept the accession of Kashmir State to the Dominion of India. Lord Mountain has assisted Hari Singh while landing the troops to maintain law and order in Kashmir. A book “Kashmir in Conflict” has unveiled the plot and indicated that Hari Singh did not reach Jammu until the evening of October 26. Anyhow, due to poor flying conditions, V P Menon was unable to get to Jammu until the morning of October 27, by that time Indian troops have been landed in Srinagar. Therefore, Maharaja’s act of fraudulent has been proven because he would not have written the letter to Lord when agreement with Pakistan was already in force. In short capturing of Kashmir against masses desires have already been planned between Hari Singh, British’s and Indian rulers.
On this fraudulent act of Hari and Britishes, Kashmiri and their Muslim brothers stood up for snatching their rights from the aggressors and prepared the force of locals Mujahids who started their march toward Jammu & Srinagar. On October 22, 1947 Pashtun tribesmen from North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, came all-out for the help of Kashmiri Muslims. The struggles of locals for their rights converted into first Indo & Pakistan war. India started defending the stance of Heri sing and physically landed her forces on Srinagar Airport.The war which started actually on October 21, 1947 has lasted in December 31, 1948. India occupies roughly 101,387 km² of Kashmir. Pakistan occupies 85,793 km² (Later divided into Azad Kashmir (13,397 km²) and Northern Areas (72,496 km²). The UN decided that the fate of Kashmir will be decided in a plebiscite by the incumbents of the area.Anyway Indian rulers always tried to crush the Kashmiris through brutal actions of their armed forces. India always ignored UN resolution. Kashmir was one among 560 princely states which had two choices before them; accession to India or to Pakistan at the time of partition. The majority Hindu states were either occupied or voluntarily join India. Given that Jammu & Kashmir is a Muslim majority, it is only just for it to accede to Pakistan. India has no legitimate claim on the people of Kashmir. Irony of the Issue is that Indian leadership does not want to live with peace and is reluctant to implement UN resolution on Kashmir. According to “Times of India” report of October 22, 2012, Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on attacked Pakistan for fomenting terror in India, He accused that Pakistan is helping infiltration bids into Indian Territory and organizing attacks on military convoys in J&K to spread fear. On contrary to it, India is involved in cross-border terrorism against Pakistan and dispatching terrorists in Balochistan and FATA while using Afghan territory. Her propaganda is aimed at negatively influencing the public opinions on terrorism and matters related to Indian armed forces brutality in Kashmir and Maoists area.
Firing on Malala yousafzai has also been carried out by Indian supported group of Taliban “TTP”. The Indian home minister statement is giving clear indication that New Delhi is not serious in resolving regional the most sensitive matter of Kashmir. Concluding, I would like to say that world community should interfere to resolve the issue between two nuclear states since any Indian misadventure may lead the sworld in new global nuclear war. In short India should respect the Kshmiri’s opinions leave Kashmir and let Kashmiri decide to their fate.The writer can be approached through `

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