Pakistan Election 2013 – An overview

By Zaheerul Hasaan According to the latest unofficial results, so far Nawaz Sharif led party ML (N) won 125 National Assembly seats; PPP party went from first to second position and won 32 seats. Whereas, PTI under the chairmanship of old cricket team captain Imran Khan emerged as third largest party after wining 31 National Assembly seats. To win a simple majority, a party or coalition would have to bag 13 ...

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Political temperature is rising

By Asif Haroon Raja The two mainstream parties used to crib that they couldn’t deliver because they were not allowed to complete their five years tenure and were ousted prematurely during the democratic era from 1988 to 1999. This crib was duly addressed when the last PPP led government completed its full tenure, but instead of delivering it bled the nation white. It has left behind such a huge mess that it ...

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