Terrorism & State Terrorism never defined

Asif Haroon Raja When George W Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, outwardly he pretended that the purpose was to avenge 9/11 attacks allegedly perpetrated by Osama bin Laden led al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan and to free the world from the menace of terrorism and to prevent 9/11 like attacks to recur. The US hidden motives were however altogether different. After regime change, [caption id="attachment_2357" ...

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Be Back Soon

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai Washington, D.C. Tuesday, July 10, 2012 [caption id="attachment_2056" align="alignright" width="212"] KashmirI Lake[/caption] Saying goodbye is sometimes easy but sometimes a very difficult thing to do, particularly when I am saying goodbye, though temporarily, to freedom and to a mission that I have given my life to.  But the real goodbye is not the words that I have formed in my head b ...

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Suicide Bombing and Islam

  In today’s date suicide bombing is a curse familiar to all and is being used to terrorize people psychologically. Suicide bombing first originated as a political tool in the 1980s,in 1982, radical elements of the Shiite resistance in southern Lebanon joined together in the Bekka Valley to form Hezbollah. After that the trend picked up popularity among many terrorist groups as a way to achieve their m ...

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Questioning the Ongoing Air India Inquiry

Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon wrote in 2007 on 'Air India 182 Explosion by the Indian administration, its employees, hired hands, etc. on 23rd June, 1985; Professor Gurtej Singh writes Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon wrote in 2007 on 'Air India 182 Explosion by the Indian administration, [caption id="attachment_1918" align="alignright" width="266"] India alleged Canadian Sikh for placing bomb in Air India - RAW Operation[/ ...

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Is trade with India another Trap?

  Asif Haroon Raja Notwithstanding Gen Muharraf’s weaknesses and several blunders he committed during his nine years rule, one has to admit that his governance and management of state affairs were relatively much better than what we have seen in the last four and a half years. Law and order as well as overall security were not as bad during his time. Between 2004 and 2007, only10 drone [caption id="att ...

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