The outcry of theMuslims of Burma

Oh the Muslim Kings , Princes and Heads

Oh the Muslim Kings , Princes and Heads!

Where are champions of human rights

For this world , you are now dead and unfit.

Maythe shame take the shape of an ocean,

And you worthless creation sink deep into it.

For Islam , you are a living farce and fraud,

Fear of the humans has filled you to the hilt.

You are also the Custodian of Allah’s House,

No penitence can ever purge you of your guilt.

The worldly power is your Supreme Lord,

You are watching , your brothers are being slit.

It can never be a sign of the Prophet’s breed,

Muslims by name , you have a hypocritical tilt.

Wait for the time when your gorgeous palaces,

Will be lying in rubble, and you will be hit ,

By the shoes of your peoples, and dragged out,

The high minarets of your corpses will be built.

Written by

Dr. Mustafa KamalSherwani Lucknow, India +91-9919777909

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