The Vocal Utterances of Cabinet Minister

 Unjustified, arbitrary, dictatorial the vocal utterances against the rule of law seems just politically motivated ministeronly to please his gangsters and addressing his constituency, and for this actionable, unacceptable language, he deserves sympathy for his thoughtless speech or language used nothing else. As he does not understand his limits and rights of humans in the modern age.

 In fact, he might have meant that there should not be any sluggishness on the part of administration while dealing public in a humanitarian manner only, but from the language, he used, he is looking as he is inhuman. So it could be misconception either way.

 The answer depends upon the interpretation as to how public do it individually or collectively and always majority from the crowd or otherwise can be also wrong in understanding him in right perspectives as already said. 

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Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch


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