Thinking logically on Balochistan

Dr Raja Muhammad Khan

After six decades of independence, the debate should not focus on whether Balochistan or part(s) of this geographically largest province of Pakistan willingly joined the state of Pakistan at the time of its independence or there was a forced accession. Rather, the debate should focus on the ways and means of addressing the grievances of Baloch people by those, occupying the driving seats in the Federal capital, Islamabad as well as in the province of Balochistan. Historians, writers, scholars and above all, the media should play their part in bringing out the nation from these worthless debates and discussions. Since the none-issue was irrationally puffed-up by some feudal (Baloch sardars), over the years, mainly because of their personnel gains, therefore, the global players, exploited the situation to their best interests and against the state of Pakistan.

Owing to its strategic location, the conspiracies against Balochistan are dates back to pre-partition. Indeed, this landmass of Pakistan joins various regions of Asia, hence got the attention of international actors at all time. Apart from the covert conspiracies against Pakistan over Balochistan by some global spying networks, the US lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher has very recently assigned for himself the role of frontline runner to fight the Baloch case in the US. It is very surprising that, the research of Rohrabacher could found after sixty-five years of the independence of Pakistan, that, “the Baloch Khanate of Kalat was founded which functioned as an independent, sovereign country.” What he could not research that some US states also declared their independence, until reunited at the end of US civil war. We must say that he is a very scrupulous researcher, or else, a buffoon, latecomer, trying to catch the flight that has already took off.

To put the record straight, particularly for those readers who may have misconception that, how Balochistan became part of Pakistan, I do not find any logic in these unfounded demands and debates at this point of time. Nevertheless, the reality is that, the Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, who initially decided to keep the Khanate as independent state unconditionally acceded with Pakistan, on the request of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. However, the Instrument of Accession was signed on 27th March 1948. Earlier, other parts of the Balochistan decided to become part of Pakistan through a referendum held on June 3, 1947, under the British Government, as done elsewhere in the united India. The fifty-four members of the Shahi Jirga, and Quetta Municipality voted to join Pakistan.

While analyzing the Baloch history, one would learn that, under the sardari system, the people of Balochistan had no voice of their own, thus practically remained subservient class. Deliberately, these Baloch masses were kept economically backward and illiterate by these sardars. In the past, whenever, these sardars had differences with Federal Government, would use the remote and educationally backward masses against the state of Pakistan. On their part, the successive federal governments too did not play a part to change the status quo in the province. Owing to the typical nature of the tribal system, these governments allowed the sardars to continue exploiting the Baloch masses and federal governments too.

The current situation in the province indeed, is a sum total of the follies of the past rulers of the country. It is because of their deliberate overlooking of the socio-economic condition of masses that the situation has worsened to this level. Federation maintained a policy of pleasing the sardars and ignoring the masses, constituting the bulk of the province indeed. In the process, the sardars exploited both as per their convenience. Even today, those masses being used by sardars to challenge the writ of the government are unaware of the motives behind. They act as per the ordain of sardars. Mostly the insurgents are the paid murderers of the sardars and now international players too. Even after having known all the facts, those at the helm of affairs are keeping mum over the extraordinarily changing situation.

Indeed, neither someone in the Province or at the Federal level is ready to address the real cause, as if someone else will do it for them. There has developed an environment, where everyone shifts the blame to another. As disclosed by a minister of Balochistan, some of the ministers and MPs are involved in the abduction cases of the Baloch masses. The disclosure is an eye opener for everyone that, those whom masses elected as their representatives are involved in the heinous crimes of Baloch abduction and human smuggling.

No Government in the Federation or in the province has ever tried to seriously understand and resolve the socio-economic problems of the province. There have been announcements of packages for the socio-economic uplift of the province, but, practically those were only for the political consumptions. Aaghaaz-a-Haqooq Balochistan was a huge political stunt of the incumbent Government, whose implementation has not been felt in any part of the province as yet. This project remained on papers only and sufferance of the people is a matter of routine without a change. In the previous governments too, there have been such political gimmicks without practical manifestation. I am afraid that, if still sardars are paid the funds as an appeasing policy, that means we have not learnt anything from our past history.

Then there are the cases of the missing persons. It is very easy to blame Frontier Corps Balochistan, Pak Army, ISI and other law enforcement agencies as responsible for those, but very difficult to prove that. This indeed is a global format, followed by domestic media, some analysts and writers. Then, there have been discovery of mutilated and disfigured bodies of some Baloch missing persons. Even for those, sub-nationalists, media and some analysts are bashing these LEAs. Astonishingly, no one has ever bothered to think logically that, after all, who is the beneficiary of this entire game? What advantages these acts would bring for the security forces, except bringing bad name. Should an organization or agency would like to earn bad name for it. Surely, not. Should national and provincial LEAs create hatred for themselves? This is a big question mark.

Whereas those involved in various crimes must be dealt as per the law of the land, the issue of missing persons needs serious inquiry and investigations by an impartial body, rather involving into a blame game. After all, FC, Army and ISI are for the security of Pakistan and its people. How can they exceed the limits and involve themselves in extra-judicial killing of Baloch people. Let us think logically, find out the conspiracies behind, the beneficiaries of this entire campaign and above all, the motives behind. Failure to these, we will keep wandering in the darkness in search of invisible light across the tunnel.

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