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Friday, March 08, 2013 – On 8th March of every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day to wish the women in the fullness of what it means and to celebrate their achievements and struggles. Woman’s is an integral segment of society by playing a vital role in building the society on healthier and stronger foundations. No country or society can prosper or even survive without the prominent role of women.

The role of women in our society has changed significantly in the past three decades. A woman is considering equally important member of society. They have many more opportunities and face difficult challenges. She is not waiting for someone to ‘help’ her. She is not demanding any special treatment. Not waiting for assistance. She is ready, prepared, even eager, to overcome whatever hurdles come in her way. She just wants to cross the road on her own.

Women in Pakistan have continued to play a very important role in every aspect of life. In order to grow as nation, we need their actively involvement or presence in all fields as educationist, political leader, doctors, business women, bankers, managers, engineers, lawyers, diplomats, ambassadors, artists, teachers, writers, poets, workers, farmers, mothers, wives, students, and the list goes on and on. Gradually things are improving for a woman, which has been caused by their tremendous determination and courage.

Today women are sitting on important positions and achieved great stature in various fields of education, business, army, health, engineering, IT and active participation is seen in the sports and politics area. About 60% of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan run traditional business such as parlors, bakeries, boutiques and the largest number are employed in the Telecom and multinational companies.

Being a major segment of society, women’s role in the country’s development cannot be ignored. The women in Pakistan feel disappointed on being mistreated by the male-oriented set up in Pakistan. It is common for men to be seen as strong and women to be seen as weak.

They are handicapped in society, therefore they face many challenges, as they do not enjoy the same opportunities as men. The segregation of the sexes starts early and becomes a way of life. They are not only deprived of financial resources but also have limited access to the essentials of life, which undermines their capabilities, limits their ability to secure gainful employment, and results in income, poverty and social exclusion. The culture thinks that women cannot do jobs like men do. Now, women are fighting for equality in the workplace. Their ambitions and aspirations are suppressed. They strongly claim that if they are given a chance, they can contribute more positively as compared to males towards the development of all social aspects.

Pakistani society usually adopts a hostile attitude towards the women, wants a woman to be a house wife, to just stay home to serve the whole family and take care of children. I have seen a lot of talented, highly educated ladies who could become very good entrepreneurs, are spending their time in managing the house and the family despite their strong urge to set up their own businesses.

The reason comes out as usual “they are not allowed by their families or husbands”. I consider that this is violation of basic human rights that our religion gave the women 1400 years ago. The man’s ego won’t allow his life partner to earn equally or more than him. Why should they? Women have the right to make their own decisions. If a woman is interested in a job and meets the qualifications that employer requires, she should be considered eligible for that job. The point is that men have treated women as subordinates throughout history because that is what they have been taught by the culture that women are not equal to men.

Women play role of daughter, wife, mother, and sister and yet she is considered inferior and her role is always downplayed. If girl tries to support herself or family, she is ridiculed and laughed away. Still, the “kamai” earning of the girl is considered shameful in many quarters of our society. At the end I want to say that women are consider as the architects of our society and the mothers of the world, no other creature on the surface of this earth is capable of that, so all Pakistani women be happy, be healthy and be confident to rule the world.(Sara Ehsan)

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