Zionists Cognitive Dissonance Harms Their Financial Interests

By Sajjad Shaukat

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Israel Flag

In wake of America’s continued fake global war on terror, various drastic developments such as Syrian crisis, terror-activities of the Islamic State group (ISIS), tension between Russia and Turkey, the post-November 13 phenomena of Paris attacks, backlash against the Muslims in Europe and the US are, though part of the double game of the US-led Israel, but have seriously been creating economic instability in the world, thereby harming the financial interests of the Jews. This cognitive dissonance of the Jews is not only surprising for the international community, but is also alarming.

It is notable that visibly or invisibly, many big cartels of the world are owned by the Jews. By controlling the major multinational corporations, arms factories, five star hotels, oil companies, liquor business, food industries, technologies, mining and mineral resources, banks, film industry, print and electronic media in the US in particular and the world in general—having influence on the UNO, financial institutes like World Bank, IMF through the sole superpower, Jews have direct and indirect hold on the global economy.

In this regard, many intellectuals like Don Allen and others reveal, “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in New York City by Col. Edward Mandell House (real name: Haus–Jewish), chief adviser to President Woodrow Wilson, in league with stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank…was part of a conspiracy to gain control of both US political parties to use them as instruments…seventy-three percent of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations are Jews. There are a number of organizations that comprise the Invisible Government that runs America and the world…from behind the scenes. A Jewish group which is in control of national governments and multinational corporations promotes world government through control of the military, media, foundation grants and education including NGOs…and controls and guides the issues of the day, and thus they control most options available. They will manage the money, the land, the food, and the guns of everyone in the world.”

According to Ted Pike, “Almost every substantial library in America contains a number of books confirming such Jewish control.”

The extent of Jewish grip on the US Administration and American policies could also be judged from the observation of Mike Stathis who, while quoting Senator William J., writes, “The great majority of the Senate of the United States…somewhere around 80 percent…are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants. This has been demonstrated time and again.” And “without the all out support by the US in money and weapons and so on the Israelis could not do what they have been doing.”

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. The New York Times has described it as “the most important organization affecting America’s relationship with Israel,” while other sources calls it “as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, DC, stating that it “acts as an agent of the Israeli government with a stranglehold on the US Congress with its power and influence.”
In the words of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, “It is long been clear that the pro-Israel, ultra-Zionist network have absolute control over the United States. The idea that our leaders are pursuing America’s vital national interests abroad…is a myth.”

However, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, in consultation with his Zionist-advisers, American former President Bush (The Senior) introduced the New World Order (NWO), with the US acting as a global policeman to protect the political and economic interests of Israel and the American Jews. The Third World (Islamic World) was compelled to realign their domestic policies according to Washington’s dictates. In this context, UNO, IMF and World Bank were also used as the NWO agents. In order to obtain the hidden agenda of Jews, the US imposed its sudden terms of globalization such as quick liberalization of economy, free markets, privatization and de-nationalization etc. on the ill-prepared less developed countries, which resulted into foreign-based dominance of the MNCs which easily defeated the host states’ economic plan and monetary policy—left behind shattered nations and a global financial crisis. It further widened the gape between the poor and the rich countries (Or G-7).

In this respect, Professor Timothy Gorringe in his book, “Fair Shares: Ethics and the Global Economy”, writes “Globalization…trade is largely controlled by a small number of huge corporations…disintegration of communities and its replacement by the market…has the potential of destroying society.”

US and other developed countries produce ‘surplus’ which is being exported to the less developed countries including the Islamic countries. Latest machines produce products quickly, and rapid means of communication and correspondence through internet or email have accelerated the business transactions. But, in the present world, terrorism is being manipulated by the Jews—the arbiters of the global economy, while, at the same time, they are damaging their monetary interests.

Notably, in the recent years, during the meetings of IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization; violent protests were seen by the anti-globalists who are western nationals. Perhaps, in future, like the Muslims, anti-globalists would be branded as terrorists. Surprisingly, despite its failure, Jews continued to drive the project of globalization through the sole superpower, without bothering for their financial interests.

In political terms, America’s child-killing sanctions against Iraq and Iran; late action to curb ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, support to Israel’s aggressive occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, with vetoing any effective action by the UN to curb the Israeli state terrorism greatly annoyed the Muslims all over the world.

When President George W. Bush became the US president, he and the neo-conservatives crossed all the limits in securing the political, economic and religious interests of the Jews and Israel at the cost of Muslims and patriot Americans. Under the mask of the 9/11 catastrophe, their preplanned strategy headed towards dangerous moves like employment of power-diplomacy on the weak states like Pakistan and other Muslim countries including almost all the Arab states which joined Bush’s phony anti-terrorism war, while American President Barrack also followed similar flawed policies to safeguard the interests of the Zionists and Israel. In this connection, occupation of Afghanistan (Prolonged war) and Iraq, proxy wars in the Middle East, regime change in Libya, Egypt (Through military) etc. support to Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front) and ISIS militants in Libya, Egypt and Syria through CIA—fueling sectarian violence have given a greater blow to the world’s economic stability which is essential for the Jews.

In the aftermath of 9/11, various terror-related incidents and suicide attacks in Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, Britain, US, Paris etc., and an unending wave of the same in Iraq and Afghanistan including other vulnerable states show that some secret agencies like Israeli Mossad and CIA are using Al-Qaeda and ISIS militants to obtain the goals of their countries against the Islamic World and Russia whose President Vladimir Putin is successfully checking the Israeli-protected hegemony of America, as various developments such as enhancement of Russian military build up in Syria, its war against ISIS terrorists, retreat of the demoralized ISIS warriors and mercenaries from Syria and Iraq have proved. Besides, the post-9/11 events like US-led state terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries where America is indirectly engaged, including America’s encouragement to Israeli systematic genocide of the Palestinians and silence over Indian similar tactics in the Indian-occupied Kashmir, coupled with reprinting of the caricatures about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and release of a Dutch film against the Holy Quran, the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran by Pastor Wayne Sapp in a Florida church were Zionist conspiracy against the Christians, Americans and the Muslims.

Israeli and western politicians have introduced dangerous socio-religious dimension in their societies by equating the “war on terror” with “war on Islam” and acts of Al Qaeda and ISIS with all the Muslims. Their media have also been contributing to heighten the currents of world politics on cultural and religious lines with the negative projection of Islam. In this connection, the shooting by a Muslim couple at an office party in San Bernardino, California on December 2, which left 14 people dead and wounded 21, is now being investigated as an act of terrorism. Latest reports suggest that the Muslims in America are facing backlash for the acts of the few.

In this backdrop, since 9/11, the extremists like Muslims who are found in every religion have been giving a greater setback to the world economy by fighting the US-led sovereign entities through terror-attacks or suicide missions. In other words, besides the militants, even the Zionist Jews are bringing about political unrest and economic insecurity in the world, jeopardizing their monetary interests.

Noting the US-led prolonged war on terror, decline of dollars, heavy cost of war and intensity of financial crisis which severely hit the economy of the US in particular and other European countries in general, even western think-tanks agree that religious fanaticism and stiff resistance of the Islamic militants are linked to political and economic injustices.

It is because of anti-Muslim developments that a greater resentment is being found among the Muslims who think that the US in collaboration with the Jewish-lobbies is sponsoring state terrorism, directly or indirectly in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine including other countries of the Middle East and Africa.

In this context, contradictory overt and covert policies of the Zionists and Tel Aviv have compelled President Obama to act upon an ambivalent approach which displays his cognitive distance. Sometimes, he says that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should go, sometimes wants to keep him in power, sometimes favors two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, sometime backs Israeli state terrorism, under the Israeli right of self-defense, sometimes shows determination for an international coalition to root out ISIS terrorists and sometimes speaks in support of moderate rebels of Syria, who are, in fact, terrorists.

Negating his earlier statement, Obama also paid no attention in resolving the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India, as the latter is displaying war-mongering diplomacy. Based in Afghanistan, Indian secret agency RAW is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. In this respect, Pakistan has provided solid evidence to Obama. US which considers India a largest market, has signed multiple agreements with New Delhi for the fiscal benefits of the Jews. But, due to his contradictory plan, South Asia remains unstable owing to unrest in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Despite the failure of power factor or force in coping with the non-state actors and rise of more militancy, terrorism and instability in the world and inside America, Israel-led US still seems determined to continue past strategy of the power-theorists.

It is of particular attention that in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, political and economic experts have recognized inter-relationship among peace, economics, politics and terrorism. But, Zionists and Israelis are implementing conflicting policies in the world, if we assess the same in terms of their political, economic and religious interests.

By learning a positive lesson from the failed global war on terror and a short war of 2006, which culminated into Israel’s defeat by the non-state entity-Hezbollah, Tel Aviv and American Jews should abandon old theories of Machiavelli and Kissinger who emphasize power as the main determinant of international relations, endorsing the principle of might is right. Otherwise, their cognitive dissonance is likely to harm their financial interests in a world which has changed into a global village in wake of present modern trends like renunciation of war, peaceful settlement of disputes, economic development—and reforming the unequal world order by addressing the grievances of the weak nations and global peace are necessary for Jews’ the financial interests.

Note: My article is not about all the Jews as a community, as I have received emails in relation to my previous article.
Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

Email: sajjad_logic_pak@hotmail.com

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