Ambigious realities (Some realities & some misconceptions)

trDr Naveed Mahar

Innovations in the field of medicine & surgery has introduced new modes of treatments of various ailments & abnormalities. Transgender is one of the emerging trends in medical Science. I remember, A junior belonged to influential family of Rawalpindi got admission in 1st year When i was studying 3rd year in Chandka medical college. Apparently, he resembled to a beautiful girl having long hair up to the shoulders, shallow eyes & elongated nails.

Due to such attractive looks, he was center of gravity for many students. But with the passage of time, things have been changed. That beautiful Male junior was in 3rd year & i was in final year. His features developed so much that he was looking like a she male or simply female. This change made me curious to know about such a big & unpredictable change for me. On query came to know that he was the only brother of 7 sisters. So he was brought up in a pure Girlish environment. So his behavior was influenced by girls. At last, i got surprising news when my final examination started that college administration has received an application from same junior student for allotment of room at girl’s hotel instead of boys.

He claimed that he had been gone through transgender surgical procedure in his vacations. I couldn’t much About that student afterwards because we had passed out but at least got the news that he was allotted a room in girls hostel, ambiguous gender can be explained in a way that it is having a style & attitude that one is impressed by or influenced by opposite surroundings. Initially one adopt that opposite gender’s outlooks trends & then gender ambiguity is either surgically corrected or psychologically treated…transgender has been a controversial subject in our society because most Of us are not satisfactorily awarded in detail regarding the subject. Even medical science is least clear about the factors which are involved for such behaviour which influence the body stature, physique, gat & mind that one is bent upon to change his gender. In the past, gender change was considered an act of sick minds but now it has been the order of the day.

As the time passes by, gender change process becomes a matter of satisfaction for many people. For example, if one is not satisfied with his apparent gender & feels some features of Opposite gender inside him/her, he/she can be of either gender male OR female or even is simply think & get done. We are facing through a transitional phase so there is need to create a resilient approach towards such trends open heartedly as that no one can suffer from the cruel trends of our culture & ethos. Like the transvestites who have been recognized as a valuable & honorable community by legislation in recent past hence transgender should also be given same status. This will lead to more harmonious & unbiased society.

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