Another Independence Movement Started in Bangladesh

  By Sohail Parwaz

Judicial Murders in Bangladesh: Is This the Beginning of another Independence Movement? – I

Adolf Hitler once said and I quote that, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” The trouble starts when the believers are forced to pledge their brains and expected to ‘further’ believe it and that’s what is currently being done with poor Bangladeshi public.

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The moments ago a match between Pakistan and Aussies finished. Though the match itself was of a traditional interest but the thrilling and heart touching part of it was the enormous and warm crowd support for the Pakistani team. This was the support from that public about whom, now Hasina Wajid and decades back her slayed father Mujibur Rehman would claim that they hate Pakistan. This is not the first time. Hardly 48 hours back when there was a match between Pakistan and India in Sher e Bengal Stadium, the Bengali brethren displayed the same love and adoration for Pakistan and now it has become almost a custom to support and buck-up Pakistan in any match, any game except for when they are playing against Bangladesh and which sounds logical. If this is what Hasina & Co considers as hate then Pakistan would love to bag it any time and any amount.

As the Bangladesh’s ruling party’s chief Sheikh Hasina Wajid maintains an anti-Pakistan posture with menacing designs of expressing hatred, hostility and uncontrolled emotional flare-up. The aim is to exploit feelings of masses by keeping the “Dislike Pakistan” schema alive. Agreed, that it enables AL and Hasina Wajid to remain in the limelight in BD power politics, though fleetingly but certainly not weighty, merely due to their failure to deliver the goods. Like her assassinated father who was murdered by his own close associates and who was confident and sure to consider Bangladesh in his pocket being a progeny of the Indian Research & Analysis Wing, she

Maen bhi Pakistan Huoon, Tuoo bhi Pakistan Hae

Hasina Wajid appears to be in a bit hurry to conclude her slain father’s unfinished agenda. The most recent example is of verdict about sensational though controversial and mysterious 10-truck arms haul case, where about few weeks back, a kangaroo court handed down death penalty to 14 people, including the Jamaat-e-Islami chief and a top leader of India’s separatist outfit ULFA, nearly 10 years after the ‘seizure’ took place. It’s very rightly said that, “A justice delayed is a justice denied” and so has happened in this case. The world is raising accusing fingers at the transparency, honesty and fairness of the Bangladeshi judicial system. Few months back Mola Abdul Qadir also fell prey to the puppet judiciary and bravely walked up to gallows. No one ever had any doubt about Awami League’s hate for Pakistan and its armed forces. Nevertheless, whatever doubt about its dancing on the Indian tunes had left, Hasina Wajid has ensured to clear that off from public’s mind.

Sher-e-Bengal Stadium; All Green

By now, it’s evident that Awami League is settling the old scores merely on the Indian behest and out of her abhorrence for Pakistan and its armed forces. The party and its one of the pioneer leaders Hasina Wajid has never missed any opportunity to get this hate cashed but somehow the other this old wine is no more sellable even in most attractive bottles. People in Bangladesh very quickly realized, in fact hardly a couple of years after the separation that they were not fighting for the independence but to assist the Indian in accomplishing their hegemonic designs. To qualify their desires Pakistan and its armed forces were demonized and presented as a rouge army that was involved in the ‘ruthless murder’ of the millions of the Bengalis.

Unfortunately the plot was disclosed and compromised by Sharmila Bose an Indian with a conscience, in her book “Dead Reckoning”. Through her impartial analysis she proved Indian involvement and considered three million Bengalis killing as a gigantic rumour only and nothing more than that since it is not based on any accounting or survey on the ground. “None of the

Mukti Bahini insurgents dragging the bodies of non-Bengalis during 1971

popular assertions of three million Bengalis allegedly killed by the [Pakistani] army cites any official report,” she views. She wrote that the Bengali nationalist rebellion in what was then East Pakistan “turned into xenophobic violence against non-Bengalis” especially against West Pakistanis and mainly Urdu-speaking people who migrated to East Pakistan from India at the time of partition aka Biharis. “In the ethnic violence unleashed in the name of Bengali nationalism, non-Bengali men, women and children were slaughtered. Some of the worst brutalities were among Bengalis themselves, Dr Bose says, between those who were defending the unity of Pakistan and those who were fighting for the liberation of Bangladesh.

It’s known to all and sundry that such logical analysis and honest comments would not be liked by Hasina Wajid and her conglomerate despite the fact that the views were expressed by an Indian and not some Pakistani. That’s fine if the current Bangladeshi government is not willing to accept Ms. Bose’s views but then what about Zainul Abedin or as in Bangladesh he is known as Joynal Abedin? Mr. Zainul Abedin is a highly educated man, a former student leader and an active ex Mukti Bahini Torturing unarmed pro Pakistanis

fighter who crossed over to India in 1971 for military training, joined the Mujib Bahini and fought for the separation of Bangladesh alongside the Indian Army. Mr. Abedin who holds a master’s degree, in 1995 wrote a book “RAW and Bangladesh” with great perception and knowledge, quoting accurate facts and figures to illustrate his point of view.

(To be Concluded)              Torturing unarmed pro Pakistanis

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