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Composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Nagada sang dhol featuring the very beautiful Deepika Padukone has been sungNagada-Sang-Dhol-11 by none other than Shreya Ghoshal. This garba number is visually appealing and has very traditional Gujarati feel to it. It’s fast paced and Dippy dances her heart out without missing any beats. We won’t be surprised if this garba song becomes popular this Navratri. After all, it’s very desi and the dhol beats which have been infused seamlessly in the song make it a dhinchak number to groove on. Even if you are not in the mood of any naach gaana, after hearing the song, you won’t be able to resist showing off your dandiya or garba moves, trust us!

Undoubtedly, this one is a perfect garba song to dance to this Navratri! Take a look at the lyrics:

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak

Aaja ud ke saraat

Pairon se bedi zara khol

Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje

Dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhum dhaayn

Nagada sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje

Dhaayn dhaayn dhaayn dhum dhaayn.

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