The Short-Sighted Conspirators

By Professor Ali Sukhanver If remained unsolved and unresolved, the memo-gate issue may prove fatally catastrophic and lethally disastrous for the hard-earned and ever-dreamed democratic system in Pakistan. Though time will decide whether this issue is a conspiracy against democracy or an evil plot against the military institutions of Pakistan but one thing is very much clear that some of our own people are ...

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ISI success against CIA Secret War

By Zaheerul Hassan Role of intelligentsia has never been negated in any type of war. During World Wars (WW) I & II, the allies remained successful in number of operations because of timely receipts of information and clandestine operations. However, after WW-II U.S launched agency CIA against KGB.During Cold War period both the agencies remained dagger drawn against each other. Anyhow, Pakistan felt a t ...

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Splendid Victory of Pakistan Security Forces

By Zaheerul Hassan According to one of the leading Indian news paper "Times of India" report of Agust 13,2009 Asma Jahangir, the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) while delevring a lecture to the students on "Democracy and Human Rights in Pakistan: A dead-end" at Agha Khan university said that Pakistan Army is running foreign policy of the country and media cell is working to imp ...

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