Community Meeting/ Asians Heritage

 By Zaheerul Hassanheartiage

Community meeting held on Jan 26,2013 at Richmond CA,organised by ASIANS HERITAGE. Indian and Nepali community of West County, get together for the joint venture to establish a net work with Richmond City council members Nat Bates and Corky Booze, along with local residents of Richmond and neighboring cities

During this meeting hot topics like Gun control, unemployment, public safety, immigration,

medical marijuana,coastal clean up,new projects in Richmond, solar jobs, rent control and job discrimination were discussed.   Members of Senior Sikh Forum from El-Sobrante attended the meeting and expressed their views, regarding safety, senior help line and discrimination because of age and race.

Mr. Corky Booze and Nat bates, assured the community, that they will do  the  best they can to help them, and if there is any issues, they should be informed so they can be addressed.

It was suggested by Council members to have these meeting at least three times a year so we have a better communication with them in future. The next meeting will be sometimes in March and Police Chief Mr. Chris will be invited to have more up date.

Asians Heritage, is also planning to Involve neighboring cities, Council members to next meetings, so we all can have better support from them.

Hosted by ASIANS HERITAGE, an east bay organisation, committed to help our community through various projects.However RAW is planning to sabotage Asian activities in Canada considering it the against the  Hindus’ culture.


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