Duran Means no Boundaries tan

 By Ali Sukhanverafghanistan-pak

Countless questions need serious pondering over the issues along the Durand line. What are the factors which never let Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two Islamic countries, come closer; why has the official relationship between these two Islamic countries never been very cordial and genial; what is the actual nature of conflict between these two neighbouring countries; whether this conflict is a clash of two nations or an artificially created air of distrust and misunderstandings by the political hi-ups? Whatever be the reason, it is a day-light fact that the distances between the two countries are always widening. To get the appropriate answer to all these questions and to seek out a solution to the problem, we will have to analyze the situation keeping aside all prejudice and inclinations but one thing must always be kept in mind that at national level, the people belonging to these two countries have never been hostile to each other. In fact the situation of relationship between the two countries is very much confusing and ambiguous. Afghanistan has ever been a battlefield for various groups of fighters; some of them have been striving for the safety of their motherland; some others have been doing ‘jihad’ and so many others have been taking care of foreign interests. No one is clear what is going to happen next. The days when the Russian forces were trying to conquer Afghanistan, the US authorities planned to give the Russian forces a real tough time. So to achieve this goal, a jihadi group was introduced and patronized under the title name of Taliban. The Taliban were never aware of the mischievous intentions of the US policy makers. They thought that by pushing out the Russians from Afghanistan, things would be alright but after succeeding in expelling the Russians, the Afghan people realized that they were face to face with another enemy which is more cunning and more disastrous than the Russians. They felt grieved when they realized that they had been exploited rather misused as a tool by the Americans. The situation became more painful for them when President Karzai was inducted in the political scenario of Afghanistan. Karzai proved himself the most subservient slave to his American Masters and did everything possible to make the US interference stronger and stronger in Afghanistan. Everyone is aware of the fact that the US authorities have always taken Pakistan as an impending sword of danger for the US interests in Afghanistan. Moreover it is also a known fact that the Durand Line which geographically separates Afghanistan from Pakistan could never separate the people of these two countries. Either this side or that side along the Durand Line, people are the same. They have strong family bindings, blood relations and above all they all belong to the same ideological community. It was really a tough job for our American friends to build up the China Wall of differences between the two Islamic countries. So for this Mission Impossible, India was dragged into the scenario. Mr. Karzai very truly and loyally worked for the interests of his American Masters and played a very vibrant role in bringing India into the picture. It was during his reign when various Indian consulates were opened in the areas where such consulates were absolutely unnecessary, the aim and objective of these consulates was just to bless India with more opportunities of creating disturbance in the bordering areas of Pakistan through the agents of the RAW. Though now Mr. Karzai is no more on the scene but the seeds planted by him have grown into shadowy trees. Afghan Government is still fully supporting all those nefarious elements which are desirous of creating ethnical, racial and sectarian divides in Pakistani society. By providing ample breathing space to the professional terrorists working under the guidance of RAW, the present Afghan Government is blindly following the anti-Pakistan policy previously introduced by President Karzai; the desired end-state again is instability, chaos and anarchy in Pakistan. The strong nexus of the RAW with Afghan security and intelligence agencies has made Afghanistan a hub of terrorists and terrorism. Instead of paying attention to the betterment of war stricken people of Afghanistan and instead of paying attention to ever-increasing poppy cultivation, the Afghan government is wasting all its resources on nurturing and fostering Indian nefarious designs of destabilizing Pakistan. The situation is so painful that all key state institutions seem hostage to the Indian advisors of the Afghan government. If situation remains the same, the day is not far away when this Islamic country Afghanistan would be known as an Indian colony. And certainly the brave people of Afghanistan would never like to be called the residents of an Indian colony.

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