Foreign Militancy in Balochistan

balochistan-earthquake-relief-operations-by-army-distracted-by-baloch-militantsBy Zaheerul Hassan

Six poor coalminers of Hazara Shia community of Quetta were gunned down near Machh town, in Bolan district, on first day of November 2013. The banned outfit Jaish-ul-Islam claimed responsibility, while talking to journalists on phone from an unspecified place, Jaish-ul-Islam’s spokesman Ghazi Haq Nawaz said his organisation had carried out the attack in retaliation for security forces’ operation against its men. Earlier, on 30 October four people killed and 17 injured in two powerful explosions on Zarghon Road in Quetta.  According to the reports, the explosive material may have been placed in a car. Again on the same date, terrorists attacked a house located near Awaran. As per, military sources no lives were lost in the attack. It is mentionable here that so far, rescue teams have been attacked five times, in which two soldiers have been killed since the Sept 24 earthquake.  In this regard, Chief Minister has very rightly stated that miscreants are trying their best to compromise relief efforts in the area.

From 2 January to 2 November 2013, in 124 militant’s actions over 465 people killed and 1002 sustained injuries. Apart from military and civil casualties local police faced main impact of terrorism. Amongst martyred DIG Operations Fayazz Sumbal, SP Headquarters Mehrullah, DSP in charge Shamsur Rehman, SP Traffic Mohammad Anwer Khilji, Inspector Shakeel Akbar and others. Majority of the wounded personnel were from Balochistan Constabulary, Anti Terrorist Force and Police.  According to sources, Balochistan police chief Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera and Quetta city police chief Mir Zubair were the prime target. But luckily they remained safe as they reached the Police Lines a minute after the bomber struck. Jaish-ul-Islam, BLA and BNA have accepted the responsibilities of all these sabotage activities in Balochistan.

In fact, insurgency in Balochistan can be categorized mainly into two types; Sectarian Militancy and Rebellions’ Movements. Point to be noted here that weaken of Islamic unity the sectarianism has been promoted by anti-Islam forces but afterwards unfortunately some of Muslim countries started backing sectarian organizations of their own choice in Pakistan. Thus, Shia-Sunni killing throughout country and targeting Hazara community is being carried out by the organizations Jaish-ul-Islam, Siph-e-Sahiba and Imamia Organizations.  RAW and CIA are involved in exploiting such like activities and using the religious elements to create instability in Pakistan.

Reportedly, all these militants are sheltered in Afghanistan, whereas India is imparting regular commandos’ training to them. In this connection, Pakistani intelligence resources have also confirmed that US is providing tacit support to the rebellions’ leaders and sponsoring militancy in Balochistan too. Moreover, fake Baloch Society of North America organized one-day international conference on Balochistan on April 30th, 2011 in Washington DC.  Actually, American, Western and Indian media are deliberately playing up with Balochistan region for guarding their strategic interests of containing China, capturing CARS’ resources, pressurizing Pakistan to abandon Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Agreement and restricting Islamabad from  developing  her strategically vital Port Gwadar.

US, UK, India, Afghanistan and to some extent Afghanistan directly or in directly are rendering assistance and platforms to the rebels for launching their nefarious activities in the region.  U.S. considers Balochistan as a vital target of her covert strategy of getting control of Asia.

The blasts wave have speeded up when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif handed over the f proofs showing comprehensive Indian involvement  to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the recently held meeting in New York . On 21 2009,  a dossier containing proofs of India`s involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan was handed over by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to his Indian counterpart Dr Manmohan Singh during their recent meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

Apparently, there is a realization amongst Pakistani think tanks that just after the arrest and exposing of CIA activities, Western and US media started slush throwing on Pakistan on the name of human rights violation in Balochistan.  In fact this adventure of maligning and alleging is the conspiracy against Pakistan’s solidarity and also showing the ulterior motives of CIA, MI-6 and RAW’s joint venture. US and India joint venture is aiming at (1) supporting rebels Baloch leaders for storming terrorism in Pakistan (2) Incorporating Iranian and Afghanis’ Baloch areas in purposed  Greater Balochistan, (3) Declaring Pakhtune region as Al-Qaida dominated areas.   Anyhow, there is a need to deal this Baloch insurgency with iron hands and open eyes. Pakistani armed forces have already performed excellent job during recent earth Quake and while building up of schools, colleges, hospitals and other facilities. Pakistani government should ask US, UK and India to stop their involvement in Balochistan affairs. There is also need to carry out the registration of Madras’ and NGOs. No foreign funded organization without proper security clearance be allowed to operate in Balochistan. Provincial government with the help of federal government should launch welfare projects to elevate the life of general masses, moreover projects of strategic and national interests be given priority. +

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