GEO and moral values

xBy Dr Muhammad Faheem Belharvi

Irreligious act of the Geo channel appeared like a blow from the sky, as people have already been praising the armed forces and ISI. In this context, besides other leaders, and political parties, even Jamat-i-Islami remarked that Geo and Jang group has been implementing anti-Pakistan agenda of external powers. Especially, Chairman, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan who has also defended the stance of Army and ISI, announced to boycott Geo and Jang group. In a press conference on May 17, Imran Khan displayed documentary evidence, revealing that Geo TV is working against the national interests of Pakistan and is being funded by foreign countries like UK and the US State Department for shaping the national narrative on foreign agendas, while there is no audit of the Geo network which blackmails those who raise question in this connection.

Imran Khan disclosed, “Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, owner of the Geo and Jang Group has established a trust (MKRF) through which he gets foreign funding and so far he has received 6.9 million pounds—this amount was questioned by Lord Nazir in the British House of Lords as well.” He pointed out that Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman “protects his financial interests through his media house, whereas Geo TV network is defaulter of PEMRA and Sindh Revenue Board. National Bank is owed Rs.1.8 Billion as of 2010.” Imran Khan said, “PML (N) and Geo are the one team having common interests—Najam Sethi, an employee for Geo TV was made PCB chairman as a gift of Geo’s services, and rigging in the elections 2013 by Najam Sethi.”Imran Khan further added, “Media trial of ISI and its chief by Geo TV is extremely condemnable which was done as per agenda set by Mir Shakil ur Rehman.”

The reason is that these virtues of civilized people are considered as signs of weakness and vulnerability in our crass and brutalized society. Instinctively we try to detect trick and deceit if courtesy is shown towards us and are at a loss when we find none. Good nature and good manners are obsolete whereas self-respect is replaced by stark arrogance. Like the caged wolves we tend to pounce ferociously upon every hand extended and bite whatever moves. We have since long blurred distinction between fair possession and greed; privilege of power and corresponding obligation of duty. Finally, there is a devastating disconnect between acts of commission and onus of responsibility of the consequences. No one seems accountable for anything here. Malice, bile, urges to demolish the adversary brick and mortar and gross disregard to basic demands of law and decency has seeped deep into our psyche.

Thoroughly soaked in our steamy national traits and a few more of their own brands, we have a flight of scavengers at the state’s helm passing as our national executive. This time they also have a dirty-tricks media pack to help them outshout others. This pack is believed to be fed and funded from abroad and finds the leadership naïve enough to swallow the bait. It is an alliance of the phony and an association of assured destruction. The way it launched media trial of the country’s premier intelligence agency on an engineered shooting of its pampered  anchor while the stunned government and shrunken PEMRA kept not only regrettably quiet but also ,perhaps, were  relishing the unseemly brawl, is despicable.

Pakistan Army and ISI‘s response was dignified just as these shriveled men stooped to record low in their depravity. The problem is that quiet dignity when pushed to the wall hits back with fearsome determination and a grave sense of purpose against the whole lot of perpetrators. To add insult to injury our comatose PEMRA in league with the coterie had not only sent a lukewarm notice to the pompous TV channel but never seriously considered the matter in their official meeting the next day. This collusion has not gone unnoticed. Play any tricks and fake any concern but the soldier is not going to be deceived this time. The attempt appears to test the patience of the Armed forces a degree more or may be to push them a little farther. A very dangerous game, if I may venture to advice.

Predicament with the present dispensation is manifold and tragically flawed. Mr. Nawaz Sharif  and his inner circle have not been able to grow out of their persistent loathing of the very Army which was responsible, in the first place, to thrust them into politics.If left alone he could have made a famously successful iron baron .Somehow he immediately tends to go on to  confront competing state institutions and thus plays havoc with the country every time he comes into power. Please put your ear to the ground and listen to the deep rumblings forewarning of a coming earthquake. If not, then cup your palm to your ear and listen to the ominous hum in the ranks. It is one of the most dangerous sounds in the world, said Lord Halifax. There is an urgent need for sanity and careful reflection to avert a possible repeat debacle. However the real difficulty is with their defective software which has already ordered self-destruct command. The romance is over.

At this hour, own media must prove that confusing behavioral pattern of Geo proves that it is guilty of charges leveled against it. A patriotic person or media group does not need to make noise about his loyalty. Good conduct and concern for the state including image of own key national institutions like ISI prove the patriotism that people of Pakistan are mature enough to assess who is promoting foreign agenda through double standard and hypocrisy.


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