Indian Function in Afghanistan Exposed

By Sajjad Shaukatraw1

During his first visit to Pakistan, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani who was accompanied by high security officials also met Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif. President Ashraf lauded Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism. Besides mutual cooperation in other fields, Islamabad’s proposal to offer security and defence cooperation to Afghanistan was received positively.

Afghan President said, “His government and the people of Afghanistan desire to further strengthen bilateral relations with Pakistan in all areas of mutual interest. He elaborated, “We must overcome the past…we will not permit the past to destroy the future.”

It is notable that Gen. Raheel accompanied by the DG of Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), went to Kabul on December 17, 2014. During his meeting with his Afghan counterpart, President Ashraf Ghani and the ISAF commander, he presented the evidence of linkage between the massacre of children at Peshawar school and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) sanctuaries in Afghanistan. He also asked about action against the TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah and his network which is being assisted by India.

Similarly, Indian Prime Minister Modi was humbled by the US Secretary of State John Kerry when he met him during a recent official visit to India. During the meeting, American team got furious and showed some hard evidence of Mullah Fazalullah and RAW nexus in Afghanistan to influx terror in Pakistan.

It is mentionable that New Delhi which has already invested billion of dollars in Afghanistan, also signed a wide-ranging strategic agreement with that country on October 5, 2011. And, the then President Karzai had also signed another agreement with India to obtain Indian arms and weapons. However, under the cover of these agreements, India has further strengthened its grip in Afghanistan.

Besides, Indian secret agency RAW has well-established its network in Afghanistan, and with the tactical assistance of anti-Pakistan secret agencies, it is fully backing cross-border incursions including terror-activities in Balochistan province and other regions of Pakistan, and is also destabilizing China and Iran.

As regards Balochistan, based in Afghanistan, particularly RAW has continuously been assisting the Baloch separatist groups like BLA to create lawlessness there. In this regard, Indian former Army Chief Gen. VK Singh openly admitted that during his tenure, he supervised special army unit, Tactical Support Division (TSD) to sponsor acts of sabotage, especially in Balochistan.

In this context, after the recent visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pakistan, who signed 51 agreements for cooperation in various fields, related to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—between deep Gwadar seaport of Balochistan and the historic Silk Road city in western regions-Xinjiang of China, the director of The Second Floor (T2F), a social activist Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Karachi on April 24, this year—followed by a bomb blast in Sibi, which killed several persons on April 26. However, she had left T2F after attending the session on Balochistan, when she was targeted. She was likely conduct a seminar at LUMS in Lahore about Balochistan. No doubt, RAW is behind the assassination of Sabeen Mahmud-a well thought-out plan not only to try to sabotage Pak-China alliance, but also to accuse ISI.

While, the DG, ISPR Maj-GEN, Asim Bajwa strongly condemned the murder of Sabeen Mahmud, adding that intelligence agencies have been tasked to assist in the investigation of the killing.

However, taking note of Indian secret function, now, Afghan government and US has started taking action against the TTP. A number of TTP militants have been captured in Afghanistan, while Fazlullah survived in a drone attack.

Unlike the Karzai regime, Afghan leadership is visionary and desires to stay away from the Indian proxy wars in the region. Afghan new rulers are no   more   interested   in carrying forward the “Arms deal” with India and are only interested in socio-economic development, peace and stability in the region.

During his visit to India from April 27 to 29, Afghan President Ashraf is reportedly, interested in asking New Delhi to stop interference in Afghanistan and its neighbours. Due to exposed Indian links with TTP and Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA), and her involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, India which is finding it hard to entice the new Afghan government, resultantly, feels   marginalized in the unfolding Afghan chessboard.

Indian leadership is desperate and impatient to woo the new afghan leadership and to revive the bilateral relations to continue her evil designs towards Pakistan and China.

To overcome growing feelings of frustration, Indian rulers may expand engagements with Afghan leadership, but Afghan Government which may fulfill the formality is not ready to support Indian maneuvers towards Beijing and Islamabad.

Taking advantage of Afghanistan’s dwindling economy, during the visit of President Ghani, Indian leadership is also expected to announce many incentives for Kabul by boasting about investing $2 billion in infrastructural and humanitarian projects in Afghanistan.

Notably, India has not made any investment for the war torn country since   2012,   which   exposes   its   sham   sincerity and commitment for Afghanistan.

India has still been in thick contact with extremist terrorist outfits like TTP etc. A person namely Asim Umar (an Indian citizen of Utter Pardesh who had migrated to Pakistan in 1990) maneuvered to become Chief of Al Qaeda’s South Asia Chapter. He is a confirmed RAW agent and his organization is involved in an attempt to hijack PNS Zulfikar. He has even created AQIS women force under title of “Shaheen Force.”

Emergence of ISIS in Afghanistan (to counter-weight Taliban) has also connections with Indian security agencies, as majority of the groups, announcing allegiance with it, enjoyed good contacts with Indian RAW and were exploited as proxies against Pakistan. Recently, ISIS claimed incident in Jalalabad (Suicide attack) has also traces of Indian linkage. In fact, India through ISIS in Afghanistan is trying to counter Taliban.

Moreover, RAW and anti-China secret agencies may step up activities by strengthening East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) along Pak-China border to support terrorism in China. Undoubtedly, Indian secret function in Afghanistan has been exposed.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


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