India’s clandestine wars against Pakistan


By Dr Muhammad Khan

If there was still any doubt about Indian involvement in the terrorist and separatists related activities in Pakistan, the video revelations of the Indian National Security Advisor, Mr Ajit Doval, has clarified all those, which India undertakes through its clandestine wars ever since. Mr Ajit Doval is a former spy master and has clearly outlined the Indian strategy, as how to destabilize Pakistan internally through the promotion of terrorism and separatism and making use of Afghan geo-politics.

In his lecture, Ajit Doval, clearly declared Pakistan as the ‘enemy’ “extols Indian intelligence’s ability to compromise and infiltrate the Kashmir insurgency; crows about the beheading of Pakistani soldiers by the TTP and advocates a policy of ‘defensive offense’ against Pakistan.” Although, India has been destabilizing all regional states through its well planned and deliberated strategy, however, its major focus has always been towards Pakistan, a policy of undoing Pakistan.

Mr Doval in his recent lecture clearly threatened that; Pakistan will lose Balochistan, if there is another Mumbai type attack. Though, he did make a mention of the relationship between Mumbai type attacks and losing of Balochistan, yet the video is a clear confession by India that, it (India) is behind the separatists in the province of Balochistan and has a huge network operative against the state of Pakistan. The tone Mr Ajit Doval used is indicative of the fact that, India must have presence of its operatives physically present in isolated areas of the Balochistan province or in the vicinities of the province.

Indeed, in the past, New Delhi has been promoting sub-nationalism in Sind, Khyber Paktunkhwa, Balochistan and even among the Karachiates (Mohajirs). Indian covert and overt activities in former East Pakistan finally led to the Indian military aggression against the state of Pakistan and resulted into the disintegration of the world’s largest Islamic state in 1971. Though not geographically contiguous, yet, India has been promoting its clandestine activities by making use of the soil of neighbouring states of Pakistan.

In this regard, Brahamdagh Bugti has been active and remained in India for quite some time. He has been frequently travelling between Kabul and New Delhi in last one decade. India has been funding and sponsoring his activities against the state of Pakistan. Indeed, India is financing all the anti-Pakistan sub-nationalist organizations, especially in Balochistan and TTP and its related terrorist network.

In the wake of Operation Zarb-a-Azb, Pak Army destroyed the terrorists’ network in North Waziristan and adjoining areas. This was a major breakthrough against the TTP and terrorism in Pakistan, as the terrorist lost their headquarters and hub of terrorism. Besides, there have been over 3000 intelligence based operations against the terrorists throughout in Pakistan.

Indeed, during these military operations, Pak Army has broken the backbone of the terrorists. These Pakistani successes against the terrorism created a dilemma for the New Delhi, which felt that its strategy is failing. This was a great setback for Indian spying network, its leadership and strategists; they in fact felt crumbling of Indian strategy against Pakistan.

Now India under the premiership of Modi modified its strategy and in the first instance opened firing all along the LoC and working boundary, causing losses of lives and property of innocent people. Pakistan cannot target civilians on the other side of the LoC, however, it retaliates against the identified Indian posts. Besides, a frustrated India has started massive reinforcement of the terrorists in the form of weaponry and finances. People like Mulllah Fazullah are on the payroll of the RAW and NDS, thus still sponsor terrorists acts like Peshawar APS attack and many others. Recently India has also planned Mumbai type attack, where its Navy destroyed a boat, and later blamed Pakistan.

While India has been doing this all against the state of Pakistan, there has been no worthwhile response from Pakistan, at the level of Foreign Office, except issuing reactionary statements in its self defense. However, its military has been raising its concerns in low tone over the Indian involvement in the terrorism against Pakistan. Diplomatically, there has been no or less homework done by our FO and diplomatic missions all around, therefore, international community could not be taken on board about the clandestine acts of India in Pakistan. On the other hand, India has been accusing Pakistan for those acts, which it planned and executed on its own soil to defame Pakistan and taken onboard the international community.

In order to defeat the terrorists’ network of TTP, Pakistan will have to defeat India’s secret wars against it. However, with Modi as Prime minister and Doval as his NSA, one cannot expect a positive change. India has already closed all the doors of negotiations with Pakistan. However, for the Govt of Pakistan, it is high time to reassess its policies and priorities. Indian bullying cannot be responded with compassion and compulsion. There is a strong need that, Pakistan must mobilize its diplomatic community and media to unveil, what all India is doing against the state of Pakistan. Indian covert and overt involvement, as clear from the lecture of Mr Ajit Doval, should be highlighted and international community should be informed accordingly. While diplomacy must play its role, Pak Army must continue its anti-terror operations against the terrorists and Indian sponsored separatists. The people of Pakistan fully support the 21st Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan. The amendment will enable Pak Army to root-out the terrorism from Pakistani soil. By all means, Pakistan has to counter the Indian secret wars against the state of Pakistan; otherwise the very survival of the state is at stake.

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