Lahore: 20 killed and 40 injured in Suicidal Blast in Gulshan Iqbal Park

By Zaheerul Hassan

Lahore: Suicidal attack has been reported in Gulshan Iqbal Park, in Iqbal Town, Lahore. 12 Accordiqbal park-2ing to the reports at least 15 persons including women, children and men have been killed and many injured in this attack. Deadbody of suicidal with the age of 35-40 have been traced on the targeted place.

Rescue teams have been dispatched to the site, including 23 ambulances and rescue vehicles.
“The park had a lot of rush due to Sunday holiday and Easter,” Mr. Sajjad an eyewitnesses said.
The security personnel have surrounded the area and launched a search operation in and around the park.
Emergency has been declared in all Lahore hospitals.

This major attack has been carried out just after the arrest   Commander Kul Bushan Yadav, an Indian RAW agent,  who was involved in executing terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi.

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