Modi Madness

Modi-government-600x330By Hamza Jilani

             With Narendra Damodardas Modi, a Hindu Nationalist taking over as the 15th Prime Minister of India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) tightened their grip on Indian Policies. Modi, a controversial figure, domestically and internationally, was elevated from former Chief Minister of Gujarat to the Chief Executive of India; a tea seller from Vadnagar Railway Station has come a long way. Modi joined RSS as a Balswayamsevak (Junior Cadet) when he was eight years old and became the BJP chosen Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001.His involvement in anti Muslim riots of 2002 is still being debated with Martha Nassbaum commenting “ there is by now a broad consensus that the Gujarat violence was a form of ethnic cleansing, that in many ways it was premeditated, and that it was carried out with the complicity of the State Government and Law Enforcement Agencies”. So much for his past, a google search for top 10 criminals displays his photographs even today!

            Now that Mr Modi is the Indian PM, BJP and RSS Zealots have a free hand to  pursue their anti Pakistan agenda openly. RAW has been re-energized to unleash its sinister designs against Pakistan, Indian Ministers threatening use of terrorism as a tool. Ajit Kumar Doval, a self styled Indian James Bond, has been appointed as the National Security Advisor with the same agenda. Pakistan China Economic Corridor (PCEC) is the latest Indian nightmare for reasons best known to them only and they have been crying hoarse. Naive as they are, forgetting their dirty ploys since the creation of Pakistan, dismemberment of East Pakistan, saturated presence in Afghanistan, meddling in FATA and Balochistan with the only frenzied ambition – damage Pakistan.

            Indian PM visited Bangladesh recently and openly confessed Indian involvement in the breakup of East Pakistan; so much for his statemanship! India – Awami League (AL) partnership is old and time tested. The visit was ostensibly meant to ratify the long pending India Bangladesh Land Boundry Agreement (LBA). The other major pending issue, Teesta water sharing, however, was not discussed. There are plans for Special Economic Zones for Indian Investors in Bangladesh. India is exporting 500 MW of electricity through Bangladesh with an estimated potential of 50,000 MW. Settlement of Maritime Boundry has prospects of joint exploration of oil and gas reserves in Bay of Bengal. New initiatives likely to be announced include direct bus services, rail and road links. Amidst all this fanfare, irritants like Teesta and Feni Rivers, Farakkha Barrage, terrorist safehavens in Bangladesh, illegal migration, border fencing, trans – shipment issues, Asian Highway, sea boundary demarcation, smuggling, treatment of minorities, trade barriers and imbalances have been left in the doldrums.

            Mission RAW, a book by RK Yadav, a former RAW Officer highlights details of Indian obsession and plans of undoing Pakistan by creating turmoil in its Eastern Wing just three years after its creation in September 1968. Besides an account of RAW Commandos in East Pakistan, he states that “RN Kao, former RAW Chief orchestrated hijacking of an Indian Airliner to Lahore so that Pakistani Flights over Indian Airspace could be banned”. Yadav has also given an account of how Sikkim was merged in India. Mr Zainal Abedin, a senior Bangladeshi Journalist in his book RAW and Bangladesh writes that “as a former student leader and freedom fighter he crossed over to India in 1971 for military training. He soon realized that he had made a big mistake. He states that after the fall of Dhaka, he saw large scale loot and plunder by Indian Troops, their so called liberators. They looted everything from ceiling fans to military equipment, utensils to water taps. Thousands of Army Vehicles were used to carry the looted goods to India. History has recorded few such cruel and heinous plunders. From the Indian conduct it was evident that they treated Bangladesh as a colony. It is now evident, writes Mr Abedin, that India helped in the creation of Bangladesh with the aim that it would be a step towards the reunification of India. Soon after the creation of Bangladesh, India let loose all forces at her command to cripple the newly born country. The most significant player of this heinous game of Akhand Bharat is RAW, which is still eating into the vitals of Bangladesh. Mr Abedin dwells at length on Arthshastra, a book written by Koutillaya and how the Indian Leadership applies his principles even today”. With Sikkim gone, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives and Kashmir are still in their crosshairs. Pakistan remains a painful thorn in their side for standing up to their hegemonic designs. Their wish list stretches even further to Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asian Republics. Too late Mr Abedin, you should have heeded to the advice of your neighbour who had warned you that “Indians would make us their slaves again!”

            So much for history, the latest from Indian adventures? attack on “insurgents” in Myanmar. In East Pakistan it was a War of Liberation, in Manipur it is an insurgency.

Double standards is too decent a term for such insane behaviour. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an Indian Minister had the nerve to call it a warning to Pakistan. India  would be well advised to focus on an estimated 30 liberation movements in Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam, Arunachal Pardesh, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu and Laddakh with 16 belligerent groups and 68 major organizations, conveniently termed as terrorists, fighting  for their cause. Hindutva, the Hindu political philosophy seeped in prejudice would implode India sooner or later. Mr Modi while sticking to the teachings of Koutillaya must not forget the proverb, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Continuous saber rattling could turn into a conflagration which would engulf the whole region, so stop this madness Mr Modi.

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