Open Apeal Letter to President Obama

 TheHonorable Barack Obama

Sikhs asked Justice

President ofthe United States

The WhiteHouse

Washington,DC 20500


Dear Mr.President:


On behalf ofthe 28 million strong Sikh Nation and over 700,000 Sikhs in the United States,I would like to thank you for your recent statement of support in the wake ofthe murder of six Sikhs in Milwaukee.  In the wake of this tragedy, theSikh Nation has been comforted by the support we have received from leaders andordinary people around the country and the world.

Thank youfor stressing “how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs.” Sikhs have contributed to this country in all walks of life.  Weappreciate your recognition of these contributions, especially at a sad timesuch as this.

We areoffended by the Indian government’s criticism of your Administration, blamingyou for the massacre.  It is not the policy of this country that gave riseto it; this terrible act is the act of one disturbed individual.  We lookforward to the day when events like this massacre in Milwaukee, the burning ofa mosque in Missouri, and the movie theatre murders in Colorado will no longerhappen.  Your statement helps bring that day closer.

We are alsodisturbed by the burning of the American flag outside the U.S. Embassy in NewDelhi.  This act should offend all Americans.  This act creates avery bad impression of Sikhs.  Either the persons who did that are verystupid or they are agents of the Indian government, which has killed Sikhs andother minorities by the tens of thousands.

FormerMember of Parliament Simranjit Singh Mann reports that more than a millionSikhs have been murdered by the Indian regime since 1982. The Indian governmenthas murdered more than 300,000 Christians since 1948, almost 100,000 Muslims inKashmir since 1988, 2,000 to 5,000 Muslims in Gujarat, and tens of thousands ofAssamese, Bodos, Manipuris, Tamils, Dalits, and others.  The IndianSupreme Court called the Indian government’s murders of Sikhs “worse thana genocide.”  We continue to work to liberate our homeland,Khalistan.  Freedom will help us prevent this ongoing violence andrepression of our people.  Please support freedom for the Sikh Nation.

In the wakeof these terrible events, we grieve together and pray for each other. Thank you again for the statement that you made.  It will be helpfulin the healing process.


Dr. GurmitSingh Aulakh


Council ofKhalistan



ParmjitSingh Sekhon (Dakha)


Council ofKhalistan



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